SP Jain School of Global Management witnesses 50% increase in Enrolments for its Executive MBA offering

The global coronavirus has pushed several institutions to close their doors for the students, thus, affecting a sudden downfall in the admissions into new academic sessions of distinct programmes.

Factors like restriction on inter-state transportation along with lockdown rules and economic downfall in the country have altogether resulted in fewer enrolments for the new academic year.

However, in a recent update, the SP Jain School of Global Management has reported a massive 50 per cent growth in enrolment of students into its Executive MBA program.

The key reason behind the massive enrolment is considered to be the unique learning experience offered by the institution to students post their selection.

The institution is widely known for using a proprietary Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology for providing exceptional business knowledge.

The enormous spike in MBA enrolments was contributed by individuals from different corners of Indian cities as well as from diverse sections of the world, including countries like Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Australia and Singapore.

The June 2020 online cohort gave access to global networking spheres along with multi-cultural perspectives. The students selected for executive MBA programme hold an average 13+ work experience in distinctive sectors like banking, engineering, hospitality, IT, etc. among others.

The curriculum designed for Executive MBA students lays great emphasis on the ever-revolving industrial sectors around the globe.

Therefore, the curriculum has been recently updated with several technological resources which offer a blend of elective, core and optional subjects.

Currently, the students have been provided fundamental and key knowledge of specialisation subjects like operations, finance, general management, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Executive MBA at SP Jain School using ELO Technology 

The executive MBA programme at SP Jain School has been designed into an 18-month course delivered using ELO technology. The ELO technology has now been replacing live classroom studies, allowing students to switch to virtual learning.

The technology has been equipped with a wide range of features, thus, offering a unique experience to the enrolled students.

The ELO set-up comprises of robotic tracking camera for the teaching faculty. The faculty can move freely while maintaining eye contacts.

The technology helps in facilitating discussion with the students, along with a response to visuals. The entire ELO studio provides a real-life teaching experience since the one-on-one conversation is encouraged.

The faculties can also evaluate the activeness of the students, their personal responses while simultaneously keeping them motivated through the features of ELO. Students can, therefore, take part in classroom discussions just like it was done before.

The massive spike in MBA enrolment is majorly due to the exceptional experience the ELO Technology has been offering to students lately.

Uncertain times like these have been posing several disadvantages to students; however, technology like these have been allowing students to continue with their studies amidst the restriction on transportation and community infections.

Virtual platforms like zoom, google meet, or other video conferencing applications were initially designed for office purposes whereas technological applications like ELO has ideally designed to facilities classroom studies for students situated in different cities of India and abroad.

The technology is ideal for allowing student engagements and discussions just like in normal classrooms.

Since June 2020, approximately 350 students have experienced the ELO technology providing regular feedbacks and improvements for the same.

The technology has clearly been a boon in uncertain times like these when thousands of students have been pushed to take a drop from the regular studies.

Apart from the online version of Executive MBA, the institution has also been offering an onsite course to students located in cities like Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai.

The performance rate of the onsite executive MBA students has also been high. Therefore, the institution has gained massive momentum in the past few months.

SP Jain has been working rigorously to polish the skill sets of aspirants, thus, making them fit for different job positions in notable sectors. The leaders of tomorrow are today, going through massive drills created by the institution.

A Glimpse at SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain Global) 

SP Jain school is one of its kind. The notable institution holds Australian legacy with campuses located in different corners of the world. Till date, the institution has been set up in places like Mumbai, Dubai, Sydney and Singapore.

The institution has been offering quality education since the beginning of its establishment and has been offering promising results too.

With a wide variety of course and programmes, the institution has been creating future leaders through the study of undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and doctoral courses.

The key aim of the institution is to craft ideas as per the ever-evolving industries and workplaces of the country’s industrial sectors. The institution has also gained massive recognition by achieving high ranks in global ranking agency lists. Here are a few achievements of the institution.

  • Forbes: Top 15 Best International 1-year MBAs (2019-21)
  • Times Higher Education-Wall Street Journal: Top 5 Best International 1-year MBAs (2018)
  • Forbes: Top 20 Best International 1-year MBAs (2017-19)
  • The Economist: Top 100 Full-Time MBAs worldwide (2015)
  • Forbes: Top 10 Best International 1-year MBAs (2015-17)
  • Forbes: Top 20 Best International Business Schools (2013-15)
  • Financial Times: Top 100 Global MBA programs (2011 and 2012)

Post the selection in courses provided by SP Jain; the students are awarded a degree by SP Jain School of Global Management, Australia. The top-notch business courses offered by the institution are great in demand.

This is because these world-class business courses have been accredited by the Department of Education/Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia. The institution has been registered as a Private Education Institute (PEI) by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), Singapore.      

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