All You Need to Know About Online GMAT: 2020

The novel coronavirus has impacted everyone’s lives in many ways. The world is reeling under uncertainty in terms of health and lifestyle. We work, study, and meet each other virtually to avoid physical contact.

This way of life has become the new norm in every sphere of life. But nothing comes to a standstill, and life goes on regardless of the global pandemic. 

B-schools have extended their application deadlines for the incoming batches. As business schools must continue accepting admissions, the means for this cannot stop either. The entrance test must also facilitate aspiring graduates in their admission procedures.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) – the makers of the GMAT test have acknowledged this reality and worked on a provisional solution for aspiring graduates who need to submit their GMAT scores to the respective universities. 

Can those who are not taking admission this year take the online GMAT?

Although the new format is intended for applicants to help them meet the 2020 deadlines, the GMAC has kept it open to all applicants.  

What are the fees?

The GMAT Online exam comes at US$200, ant the fees are lower than the fees test center-based exam.

Has the format changed?

The new GMAT has retained almost everything in it as the previous formats. The three sections – Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning remain unchanged in the number of questions, time limit, format, and scores. The Analytical Writing section is done away in the new online format. The scores will not be affected in this format. 

Breakup of sections:

Section Time limit Number of questions Question types Score range
Quantitative Reasoning 62 minutes 31
  • Data sufficiency 
  • Problem solving
6 – 51

In 1-point increment

Verbal Reasoning 65 minutes 36
  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical reasoning
  • Sentence correction

6 – 51

In 1-point increment

Integrated Reasoning 30 12
  • Multi-source reasoning
  • Graphics interpretation
  • Two-part analysis
1 – 8

In 1-point increment

Are breaks allowed?

The new online GMAT lasts about three hours, including a fifteen-minute check-in time with one five-minute break.

The timer will be paused during the break. This break lets the candidate have water, food, or prescribed medicines but does not permit access to phones or other devices. 

Where can one take the test?

You can take the test at home or in your office, on your desktop or laptop. You need to be in a closed room. No one is allowed to enter the room while you take the test.

The computer must have the latest browsers and operating systems. You must have an internet connection using an ethernet connection rather than WiFi. You must use a virtual or physical whiteboard for rough work. Scratch paper is not permitted. This setup enables the proctor to see what you write.

Who will supervise my online session? 

The test is managed by Pearson VUE’s platform, OnVUE. Your test will be monitored remotely by a Pearson VUE proctor. Both audio and video will be recorded throughout the session. The proctor will authorize the identification (your government authorized photo id) and check for matching your face with the id.  

When can one take the online GMAT?

The new online GMAT is available round the clock on all days of the week. You can schedule a test at your convenience. 

What is permitted or banned during the test?

Ensure you have a clean desktop. Besides the desktop or laptop, you can have:

  • Your government approved photo id
  • One whiteboard (check the official website for the size) with nothing written on it
  • One or a maximum of two dry-erase markers
  • Prescription eyeglasses, if required
  • Any comfort items that were pre-approved 

You are not allowed to have: 

  • mobile phones, headphones, watches, notes, scratch paper, or any electronic devices
  • Touchscreens, graphics tablets, or stylus 

Can a person with disabilities take the test? 

Anyone with disabilities can take the test with pre-approval. You need to register for disability accommodation and wait for approval of the same.

Schedule your test only after you get the confirmation for disability accommodation. The disability approval comes with extended test time and a ten-minute break in place of the regular five-minute break.

What is done post the test?

  • The official scores will be available in your account within seven business days on completion of the test
  • Your scores will be shared with any number of institutes / universities of your choice 
  • The score is valid for five years
  • Any cancellations or retakes will not be permitted unless there have been verified technical issues and authorized retakes 

The more you practise the better you get

The test can only be taken once. So, practise well before you schedule the test. Go through the official baseline practice test and take as many mocks as possible. 

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