Skillsets that complement MBA Post-Covid | K J Somaiya Institute of Management

The Post-COVID world will come with its set of changes, one of many being the business skills that will facilitate your prosperity as a professional. It is with a high level of certainty it can be mentioned that COVID-19 has had tremendous effects on us. Advancing into the clouded, unclear future, it’s difficult to guess which spheres of our professional lives will be restored to normalcy, and which will never be unaltered, giving us the “new normal.” Such are junctures where the ability to adapt and adjust to the novel environment not only helps an individual survive but also thrive and take the lead amongst their colleagues. B-schools such as K J Somaiya Institute of Management have adapted the new normal in their functioning helping their students to cope up with the current scenario.

Managing strategy and innovation includes tasks like analyzing data or information, Creative thinking, and creating good strategies. Many MBAs are being asked to learn the art of managing people. They’re not just being told to implement the strategic decisions but are also being asked to make strategic decisions and they’re being asked to solve problems creatively, which means is what innovation actually means. The skill that corporate recruiters predicted would experience growing demand the most in the coming years is managing tools and technology.

Anomalously, as the corporate world evolves to become more digitally focused, recruiters see the importance of human connection and understanding for managers increasing remarkably. Recruiters say interpersonal skills will grow in demand over the subsequent five years.

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