The clock’s ticking! Any minute now, you will hear the invigilator say, “Time’s up, pens down”. You have been waiting for this moment for several weeks now. Finally, Undergraduate is done and dusted! So what’s next now? – Catching up on sleep? Weeks of Netflix and Chill? Be away from anything related to studies for 3 months?

Hate to break this to you, but it’s time to take the next big decision – secure admission to one of the coveted B-Schools in the country. While you are enjoying your time at hand, you must devote these couple of months to know everything you can possibly know about the B-School/s you would like to join.

There are a lot of things to do, but a lot less time at hand, especially with most premier MBA programs declaring early deadlines to apply. Everything is all over the place and you don’t know how to manage it. Here are 5 key things to be mindful of while taking a decision about your preferred B-School/s:

1. Match the curriculum with your area of interest
Study the course curriculum thoroughly to understand if the course is exactly what you are looking for. One piece of advice: Don’t enter a B-School being clueless about the curriculum, because you would lose interest and find it challenging to choose the right path ahead.

2. Research, research, and research

‘Information is the key’ – etch this in your mind before you set foot in your dream school. Do a thorough research on the placement opportunities and reports, the companies that the institution is associated with, financial aid provided, institution’s accreditation, and extracurricular activities offered.  

Check for the support and opportunities that the institution offers to nurture you and help you advance with your ideas. For example, are there any labs or clubs that would act as a bridge between your ideas and your end goals? Get all the information that matters. 

3. Be informed
Follow the institution on social media, including LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. It is advisable to follow and be updated about the latest happenings, the alumni network, the placements, and things that would actually be relevant for the 2 years of your MBA journey. 

4. Networking is the essence
First things first: if you are not on LinkedIn, create an account right away. You have a couple of months until you start your MBA journey. So build your profile by acquiring skills that may help you navigate through your B-School journey. Follow the B-School’s page and learn more about the seniors in your field of interest and alumni from the School. 

Have a chat with the alumni, as they are the best people to provide insights and valuable information about what to expect and what you should take care of. The larger the network you have, the better opportunities you have in the future.

5. Join some webinars or masterclasses that the B-school conducts
With the ongoing pandemic, top B-Schools are mostly delivering industry interface sessions or outreach sessions virtually. Attend these events to know elaborately about the program you are interested in, and ask questions to get a detailed counselling on the program. This would not just help you have answers to your queries, but will also help you gain deeper insights into the teaching-learning methodologies practiced at the institution. 

Choosing the right MBA school can be a tough ride, but proceed with all information and knowledge and the experience would be a lot less bumpy and a lot more enjoyable.

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