Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Job

Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is never easy. If only there were some way to know our true calling without any stress and anxiety magically. Unfortunately, life can’t be unpacked so simply, but that leaves the door open for potential and opportunity. When you were in high school or college, the career path you chose may no longer align with the adult you’ve grown to become. Or perhaps you took a job out of necessity and know you need to move forward but aren’t sure where to begin. In either case, this post is for you.

Outgrowing things in life can be scary, but it isn’t a bad thing. Instead, imagine that your present discomfort and dissatisfaction are messengers sent to draw your attention away from every day and encourage you to start dreaming and exploring new opportunities. If you are still on the fence about what path to take, read these signs you’ve outgrown your job and think about how they resonate with you.

How to Change Careers at Any Time

It’s important to note that fear of being able to find another job often keeps people stuck. Although you may worry that you can’t ever change fields, there is more opportunity than ever for working professionals to change their lives. You can even go back to school and earn a degree online as you work. With a private student loan, you can get the financial assistance you need to easily balance tuition with other living expenses and pay it off after you’ve transitioned into a new field.

Every Activity Feels Like a Chore

Everyone has days where they’d rather be anywhere but work, but in general, you shouldn’t feel like you have an albatross around your neck every waking second of the workday. When you’ve stopped feeling motivated and have to force yourself to perform routine tasks, you’ve likely outgrown them and are craving new stimulation and challenges.

You’ve Stopped Thinking About Growing

You see a coworker pursuing promotion and think you used to be like that. But somewhere along the way, you gave up any hopes of moving up in the workplace and may now no longer even care what happens either way. Getting fired would feel scary, but there would also be a mixed sense of relief. When you stop feeling inspired or ambitious at work, it’s time to begin asking what you want out of a career.

Other Parts of Your Life Are Struggling

You lack the energy or desire to put effort into relationships and hobbies. Instead of making plans for the weekend, you drift through the week, barely registering what’s going on and lay around the house for 48 hours until your next shift begins. Unsurprisingly, this triggers a feeling of depression that can become a severe problem if you don’t address it. Think about other aspects of your life. Do they feel rewarding, or does everything seem to carry the same note?

Coworkers or Managers Comment on Your Performance

Your colleague may joke that you’re spaced out all the time, or your manager may call you in to ask if something is wrong in your personal life. People around you notice that you aren’t present at work and committed to the job, and you’ve run out of excuses as to why. You may feel your productivity waning, but you aren’t bothered enough or lack the energy to fix the problem. Maybe it would be better to consider alternatives and start working toward a career goal you’re genuinely passionate about.

People Tell You to Move On

When you aren’t happy with your job, those closest to you are likely to notice even if you aren’t outwardly complaining. They may ask you why you seem down, or they’ll ask you about work and only suggest that it may be time to move on from it when you give a half-hearted response. When your lack of interest in your work is so evident that even outsiders notice, you should consider whether it’s a problem you need to resolve within yourself or a sign that it’s time to go in a different direction.

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