While addressing the audience, he spoke about the type of media journalism that is existent in the country. He stated that the number of channels sharing the media space has been growing with every passing day and hence the content has fallen to mediocre standards. News is being sensationalized and made to look like a Page 3 event. He pointed out the alarming drop of ethics in journalism and the loss of power of serious questioning by the media. “Page 3 has descended on to Page1 and chaddi-banian journalism is becoming popular” remarked Rajdeep.

He also emphasized on the power of the internet and the effect it will have on news coverage in the near future. He suggested that the Indian citizens should be given an opportunity to question the media and the content they cover everyday in the name of journalism. He also laid strong emphasis on exploring rural areas and bridging the divide between the India that is being celebrated and the India that needs to be explored. He said that ‘Multimedia model, would be the way to go in the future in order to build unsoiled and efficient journalism. A robust business model would be necessary for any media house to survive in today’s competitive world.

The session ended with Rajdeep answering some of the questions put forth by students regarding the state of media in the country, and the future course of CNN-IBN and its contribution towards clean and powerful journalism. Prof. Lionel Aranha presented a memento to Mr Rajdeep Sardesai on behalf of the institute thus ending a memorable evening and a day to remember at IIM Kozhikode.

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