Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SSC-CGL

Dear PaGaLGuY readers,

As we all know, Quantitative Aptitude
or Numerical Aptitude is an important component of a number of competitive
examinations such as the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Banking Entrance Examinations,
SSC CGL/CHSL Examination, MBA Entrance Examination, Combined Defence Services
Examination, etc. In order to help you practice and improve your quantitative
ability, we are providing you this Quantitative Aptitude Quiz.

Given below are a few questions from
SSC examinations held in the last few years. Leave your answers/ responses in
the comments section below and we’ll soon let you know the correct answers!

1. The odd element in the sequence 3,
7, 13, 21, 33, 43, 57 is

43               (b) 33              (c)
7                 (d) 21

2. Two equal circles pass through
each other’s centre. If the radius of each circle is 5 cm, what is the length
of the common chord?

5√3                         (b) 10√3                     (c)
(5√3)/2                   (d) 5

3. The least positive integer which
is a perfect square and also divisible by each of 21, 36 and 66 is

213444       (b) 254016       (c) 156816      
(d) 186624

4. A certain number when divided by
899 leaves the remainder 65. When the same number is divided by 31, the
remainder is

 (a) 1               
(b) 4                (c) 3                 (d)2

5. A man buys one table and one chair
for Rs 500. He sells the table at a loss of 1096 and the chair at a gain of
10%. He still gains Rs 10 on the whole. The cost price of the chair is

Rs 300        (b)Rs 350        (c) Rs 200       (d)Rs 250

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