Tell us about your Educational Qualification

I hold Bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and multinational management from the School of Engineering and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA; a Master’s degree in manufacturing systems engineering from the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University; and a Doctoral degree from Harvard Business School at Harvard University.

Your work experience prior to Wharton

My prior professional experience includes corporate development at Mannesmann AG in Düsseldorf, Germany, in addition to brief stints with Citibank, McKinsey and Company, and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, all based in Düsseldorf.

What subjects are you currently teaching at Wharton?

I teach MBA, undergraduate, and executive education courses on corporate development and M&A; as well as innovation management.

Tell us about your existing research work

I am Executive Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School, a global research community and the hub of a learning network for researchers, business leaders, and students. The Mack Institute’s research emphasizes multi-disciplinary, cross-functional perspectives, and focuses on four key areas: leading and organizing for innovation, innovation opportunities, capturing economic value from innovation investments, and strategies for innovating. Through this research, the Institute advances and shares knowledge about the effective management of the risks and rewards of innovations.

As Adjunct Associate Professor of Management at Wharton, my own research encompasses high-technology mergers and acquisitions, high-end outsourcing, and technological innovation in dynamic environments. My current work focuses on understanding the decision-making and implementation challenges surrounding two prominent external sources of innovation companies often leverage: innovation-targeted acquisitions and R&D; outsourcing projects based on field research with leading firms.

What are your Future Plans at Wharton?

My goals include expanding the Mack Institute’s role as a hub for innovation management at the University and beyond. We’re adding new programs like the Collaborative Impact Program, which offers opportunities for researchers, students, and corporate partners to come together on projects regarding strategizing for innovation, developing organizational ecosystems, and managing emerging technologies. We’re also expanding cross-collaborative initiatives like the Y-Prize Competition to encourage technology commercialization and promote entrepreneurship. With plans for increasing student sponsorship, expanding the scope of our workshops and programs, and launching a new MACK Talks video series.

Where do you like to spend your leisure time?

I spend my time on yoga, tennis, and most importantly, my family.

Tips for the Indian Students

When deciding where to attend business school, get an understanding of the differences between institutions; make sure the school you choose will offer what you’re hoping to get out of your education. When applying, resist the temptation to “package” yourself according to what you think they’re looking for. Be authentic, be yourself. Remember that while it is important to target stellar grades, it’s also essential to pursue experiences that will make you stand out in the admissions process as a talented, holistic, well-rounded leader.

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