Process Overview

Any student, who is not a citizen of a European country, going any European country for the purpose of education needs a visa for the authorization of the stay of the student. A student visa, also popularly known as Schengen Visa, is issued only to the students who are already accepted by a certified education establishment. Schengen visa is a necessary thing for any non-European to pursue an education in a European country. This visa is required for any 90+ days of stay for the purpose of education and this is quite evident that any enrollment for a course would be more than 90 days.

Documentation Required

The first thing that you require is to download the application form and fill it completely and correctly. You can also fill it online and take a printout which will then be signed (along with other documents) and handed personally at the embassy office to the representative of the country where you plan to study. The documents required are:

a) A valid passport which is not going to expire in next 3 months.
b) Documents to prove that you will be in a position to support yourself during your stay in Europe. You can present your bank balance, credit cards, cash in convertible currency etc. to substantiate your claim.
c) Two current passport sized photos (as per the Visa Requirement)
d) Travel itinerary
e) Proof of accommodation
f) Medical/travel insurance valid for your entire stay in the Schengen country
g) Letter of acceptance from the university where you plan to study
h) Bank Receipt of the payment of the processing fees.

A person who is planning to study in a European country has to apply for residency permit as the Schengen Visa is commonly valid for the stay, not more than 90 days. You apply for residency permit after you arrive in the Schengen country with Schengen visa. The residency permit is stamped on your passport and this allows multiple entries in the country. However, you need to notify the authorities when you wish to leave the Schengen area. The Schengen visa will be renewed by the authorities as and when required.

Now getting student visa is not difficult if you have all the documents ready along with the acceptance letter from the college where you want to study. Three months is the maximum time for getting a visa for the Schengen country so one should apply for a visa with sufficient time in hand. At times embassy representative asks to bring extra documents, you should carry them as well when you go for the Visa. It has been seen that it takes 1 month for the student visa.

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