Learning remains a continual process and something that never stops. External hindrances might always be there, but the idea of learning through different methodologies never stops. Harbouring on this very thought, Unacademy has been striving to facilitate class apart learning modules to students of every age and diversity across the globe. What initially started with a YouTube channel to disseminate learning, transitioned into a futuristic educational platform. Unacademy has become a leading name in the country to facilitate quality education modules across various subjects. Assembling experts from the field- in both industry and academia- on one singular platform, the aim is to give subject expertise through interactive methods.

To ensure the best kind of learning for students, Unacademy offers multiple learning opportunities. One such initiative is the Live classes. These classes provide an edge to students to chat with subject matter experts and get one-on-one guidance. Students can interact and get their doubts cleared seamlessly. Along with this, the live tests and quizzes give the students an edge to evaluate their preparation with regular tests and evaluations. One can also get a detailed analysis of their responses and understand their progress accordingly. The structured courses offer deeper insights into the subject. While preparing for their exams, students can always get back and learn from these videos, as one can have unlimited access to them. Offering assistance and understanding the need for flexibility for the wider set of audiences, the course is structured so that one can access these courses at any time from any place. Being India’s largest learning platform, Unacademy ensures that students give undivided attention to their preparation. The educators use multiple tools and methods to make concepts clear for students. Presently the platforms benefit more than 50 million learners and are a hub of more than 1000 expert educators. More than one billion minutes of the videos facilitated by Unacademy have been watched and there are 2000 plus daily live classes.

Considering the level of difficulty that b-school entrances entail, Unacademy has brought forth a wide array of courses for students to take part in. From access to a personal coach to being a part of a learning community, the MBA courses offered by Unacademy make sure to strengthen the fundamental understanding of any student. These extensive courses are curated and led by the best educators around the country, whose only goal remains to raise your percentile. To ensure a seamless mode of instruction, the educators keep their approach simple and lucid instead of believing in jargon. The curriculum is divided into multiple modules like Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal ability and RC, and DI and LR. Students can also keep their practice intact through mocks. Through these mock tests, one can evaluate their progress and get detailed result analysis. Besides this, Unacademy also offers a comprehensive guide to crack the GD, PI, and WAT sections of the MBA entrance test. Besides the common goal to let students ace their entrance, the course ensures that students become adept with multiple soft skills.

One can subscribe to these courses and can get lifetime access to the same. Accelerating one’s career growth was never easier. With these user-friendly courses, you can step up your career game!

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