Personal Development During COVID – 19

The last few months have been unprecedented for people from all walks of life, but one set of people who have been silently suffering are the students all across the globe. Nearly all the institutes were forced to shut due to the rapid spread of the deadly virus. The lack of infrastructure and a missing contingency plan eventually lead to a temporarily shut down.  With passing days, students and institutes realized that it was time for them to see the crisis as an opportunity and upgrade themselves on their professional, personal, and emotional fronts.

Students started engaging themselves in various activities and picked up hobbies which they previously neglected, such as focusing on their health and fitness, reading books and magazines, learning a new art form. 

Another important aspect for the students under lockdown was the academic knowledge base and skill development. Various colleges such as K J Somaiya Institute of Management, signed up for a tie-up with academic platforms such as Coursera, helping them build their CV and allowing them to learn beyond the textbooks and classroom lectures. For management students, it extended an opportunity to explore between the streams and help students get an idea of their possible future area of expertise. 

Colleges have understood the importance of keeping students engaged in curricular and co-curricular activities for over-all development. Colleges have extended certification course timelines, provided students with various external certifications at a nominal price, introduced yoga and meditation, involved clubs and committees to host cultural events, quizzes, case study competitions, live project opportunities, and keep the students engaged and entertained throughout the online academic period. All these activities provide students with an insight into working with teams at various domains and helps them gain precise knowledge about the real world.

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