Pandemic effect on MBA admissions at MIT-WPU

More than half a year has passed, and the novel coronavirus only seems to baffle health authorities who have been trying to bring it under control. The jury is still out on whether the world order can be restored and when normalcy will prevail. 

One of the sectors the global pandemic has impacted big time is education. Schools, colleges, and universities are places where several students congregate with faculty and other campus personnel.

But as the pandemic is yet to come under control, educational institutions across the globe have been facing the brunt of lockdowns and closures, making a dent in admissions and academic activities. 

Students and parents have questioned institutions’ actions in keeping the place safe and conducive to learning. This is truly a testing time for everyone concerned, and particularly for schools and colleges. 

How have B-schools acted on easing admissions this year? 

The admission procedure is the first step in enrolling in a program. 

The MIT-WPU (MIT World Peace University) has extended its application deadline for its industry-acclaimed MBA programs to August 7, 2020.

Furthermore, in a first-of-its-kind exercise, the entire application process to the B-school has moved online to eliminate any personal contact or commuting to the campus.  

What is the message from the University?

The MIT-WPU, located in Pune, had convened a web-based session to illustrate the changes that University has initiated to streamline the admission processes for the incoming batch. The webinar was addressed by distinguished faculty members of the University. 

Dr. Rajiv Thakur, Director General – Provost, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Law at MIT World Peace University, said that the University had been taking proactive steps to keep admissions safe for students and other personnel involved.

The decision to make admission formalities contactless was taken at the beginning of the year when the pandemic had just kicked in. At a time when the world was stupefied by the pandemic effect, MIT-WPU had initiated to act in the interest of everyone’s safety. 

What other safety measures have been taken at MIT-WPU? 

The online process does not just end with the submission of applications. The other admission formalities like personal interviews have been scheduled to take place remotely too.

All face-face contact will be eliminated for ease and safety of candidates and interview panelists. The University’s top-notch IT infrastructure aids in streamlining the admission processes smoothly. 

To facilitate those students who are unable to raise the fees on time, having been affected by the lockdown, due considerations are given in extending the fee-payment deadlines. 

How do students apply for MIT-WPU programs?

Students can submit their applications for the program at the University’s official website. They need to download the application form and upload it with their relevant documents on the link on the website.

The University will invite the candidate for a round of remote personal interviews and group discussions. 

The University evaluates the applicant’s score and they are ranked on an all-India basis. Based on the candidate’s score, the University allots specialisations for the applicant. The next step of admission is taken once the candidates select their specialisations.  

What are the courses offered by MIT-WPU?

More than a hundred courses can be availed of at MIT World Peace University. The Pune based university has gained the nickname – the Oxford of the East for the commodious campus. 

You can find at least fifteen thousand students and over one lakh global alumni. It boasts of more than a thousand renowned faculty members.

What is the most popular program at MIT-WPU?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA), which comes with over thirteen specialties, is a course that has caught on among prospective MBA hopefuls. You will also find a variety of unique specialties here. 

What else is available?
More programs at MIT-WPU include:

The traditional General Management programs come with specializations in 

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations

Many other specialties are on offer too:

  • Sports Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 
  • International Business
  • Telecom Management
  • Project Management
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Innovation Management

All the programs come with the option of availing of dual specializations. This unique combination places the program in a highly valuable and industry-acclaimed niche. For instance: 

  • Hospital & Healthcare (Marketing/Finance/Operations/HR)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Marketing/Finance/HR)
  • Sports Management (Marketing/Finance/HR)

What is unique about admission at MIT-WPU?

Most B-schools accept the test scores of admission tests like CAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA, CET, etc. MIT-WPU also accepts PERA (Preeminent Education and Research Association) scores. 

What traits do students enrolling at MIT-WPU need?

MIT-WPU enrolls students who have remarkable personality traits and conduct themselves in a positive manner. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills and be proficient in languages.

They should be avid readers, who have good networking skills, and display leadership potential. They should be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually alert. They must be active and agile. They should work well in teams. They must be endowed with self-learning, and be open to unlearning too. 

What makes MIT-WPU a one-of-its-kind place to learn?

MIT-WPU has been into education for more than thirty-seven years. It offers courses that are relevant to the industry. 

The alumni that are spread globally and represent various industries, visit the campus to meet the students, sharing their experiences in the relevant fields. They often tutor students on industry specific practices. 

The international connection at the University makes learning comprehensive and superior.  

What preparations are made for the pedagogy?

MIT-WPU is well prepared to commence classes remotely. The university is amply equipped with providing all the modes of learning that students can easily access without leaving their homes.

They get access to e-classes, e-lectures, besides an exhaustive virtual library and other educational digital assets. 

How do students get placed? 

In spite of the slowdown from the pandemic, MIT-WPU has seen successful recruitments at their campus. All the outgoing students have earned company recruitments and the first years have received summer internships. 

The word for MBA aspirants

MIT World Peace University is currently accepting online admissions in all the UG and PG programs. Go for the best experience and explore a new world!

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