One of the prime mantras of my life is to scale up and skill up. I have resolved to make the most of my professional journey by not only working on my technical skills but also on my soft skills. Pursuing an MBA degree was elemental for me to upgrade my skills and trod on the way to becoming a lifelong learner. It was just a step towards a glorious career path, and in this regard, I had my preparation streamlined. More than the preparation, I really wanted a clear understanding of what the B-School experience looked like and what the post-B-School life entailed. My main aim was to skill up even during the tedious times of the preparation.

During my MBA preparation journey, I looked out for several resources on the internet to help me ace my entrance examination. Primarily, I was on the lookout for real-life MBA experience to build my expectations accordingly. This is how I landed upon a YouTube ad through which I heard about the Pagalguy platform. Intrigued about this one-stop platform exclusively designed for MBA aspirants, I was compelled to explore more. Slowly I started browsing through the platform and learned how resourceful it could be throughout my MBA journey. Out of the many features that the platform offered, the one that intrigued me the most was the Live Q and A platform, which proved as a one-stop portal for aspirants to connect and get all their queries solved regarding the entrance preparation. Herein, students were able to solve any problems related to entrances- even the glitches they encountered while filling out the forms. This was such a resourceful feature that set Pagalguy apart from other contenders in the market.

Another unique feature of the Pagalguy platform is the ease of availability of all the resources related to any and every B-School. I simply had to click the link, and I had all the information right in front of me. Be it admission-related queries or even fee-related queries, I could get answers to the same through these individual college pages. In a nutshell, Pagalguy is a storehouse of all information related to MBA admissions. The best thing is that on the platform, I could find articles on what my life could look like after pursuing an MBA. This is essential to give aspirants a clear view of the future after the completion of a management and business degree.

Moreover, the discussion forum of the Pagalguy website gave me an edge to connect and network with fellow aspirants and B-School graduates. This built a strong peer community and aided in learning monumentally.

Overall, I would totally recommend Pagalguy to anyone preparing to start their B-School journey. I would suggest that you go through the website, browse through it, and build your network through it, as it would help you exponentially in your B-School journey and beyond.

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