NTA Announces Registration for Training Practice Centres for Mock Tests

National Testing Agency is establishing a country-wide network of test practice centres (TPCs) for students of rural areas so that everyone will have an opportunity to practice before the exam. 12,697 Schools/engineering colleges with computer centres are being made available on every Saturday/Sunday starting from 1st September, 2018 and any student can use the facility free of charge. An App is being developed which will enable the students to choose the nearest TPC.

Candidates can register for the TPC mock tests using this link TPC Student Registration 

The TPCs will have a downloaded Computer Based Test (CBT) which will be similar to the actual test to be conducted on the exam day. The practice tests will help the candidates to familiarise themselves with logging into the system, going through the detailed instructions regarding the test, using the mouse or numeric keyboard on screen (virtual) for attempting each question, scrolling down to the next question, navigating between questions, reviewing and editing their options and submit questions.

Note: NTA will now be conducting competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, UGC-NET, CMAT and GPAT.

Register for UGC-NET December 2018 and JEE 2019 on the NTA website

To access JEE Registration link NTA JEE 2019 Registration Link
To access UGC-NET Registration link UGC-NET December 2018 Application Form


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