NTPC School of Business, Noida: “Championing Energy Business towards a life friendly planet”

NTPC School of Business, hosted its first conference on “Championing Energy Business towards a life friendly planet” on 13th and 14th December 2018. The round table conference was attended by reputed dignitaries from areas like CERC, TERI, NEERI, Tata Power, and Alliance Energy. The two days of conference focused around the energy sector as a whole and addressed various opportunities and challenges related to energy.

The fast growing influence of IOT(Internet of things) and Big-Data, in the energy and/or power industry, were discussed. The first day revolved around the various opportunities and challenges faced  in energy and power sector nationally.

The second day of the conference focused on environment as  a whole and about how the measures can be put in place towards eco-friendly practises, reduction of fly ash, SOx and NOx, alone, emphasising on the energy sector, along with due importance being given to the treatment of sewage. During the course of the two days, there were more focus on innovation, paradigm shifts, to give a way through, on how one’s approach is to be with, while managing energy and environment.

To nurture the young generation on leadership qualities so that they are well equipped with decision making capabilities. Issues related to environment can be addressed proactively and efficiently, was the biggest takeaway from the conference.