Name one coastal state in India

This time i m sharing My Interview Experience in Allahabad Panel 3 17-01-15

M1Started with why you want to come for interview as you are already in SSC Job (TA)

tell something about Kumbh Mela and where it is organized


Nasic aur Ujjain kis nadi ke kinare basa hai

I Said Sorry

Small States Banne chahiye or nahi give your views

Answered but not fully satisfied

Asam me attacks kyu ho rahe hain

Answered but they want more reasons

Bangladesh se kaun se states ki boundary hain

Not able to Answered

Coastal States kaun kaun se hain near Sea

Answered some states

Direct and Indirect Tax me Difference and definition

Answered but they want definition

if Employer deduct tax from you why is it not Indirect Tax

Answered but not satisfied

Circuit of NOT Gate

Not Answered

Logic Gate Definition

 Not Answered

Why Gate is called Logic Gate

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Definition of Computer Logic

Not Answered

Components of Computers

What happen is network is not available in offices