Which year was the Great Depression?

Finally done with my interview it went ok. There were 3 member two ladies and one guy
m1(lady): tell me about ur education qualification?
tell me y are you switching from one job to another and y this now?
i told her that CSS is my first pref n it has better sal n promotional aspects moreover i hav done MBA so till d time i dont get into managerial level position i cant use my those skills.
whts GDP 
told but she wanted sth else.
then she asked what is GDSP ( i dnt remember exactly)
i said i dont know. she said sth sth
then inflation,deflation, stagflation.
i described inflation, deflation couldnot describe the third one i said i know when is stagnation but this term is new to me. she siad it is same thing just the terminology.
when was great depresstion.
i was clueless abt year then she said when should it happen. i said during world war
dimag me year b nhi aa rha tha 
then she asked abt sth i dont remember itwas related to IT. then she asked how ll u protect data. i said password, diff level of hierarcy. she said other than this, i was clueless what was she asking [ frnd told me data encryption was wht she wana hear]
so she said now sir you may ask
u got academy award in 10th in sanskrit
what are roops [ I wasnt prepared]
no sir dont know
chalo beta i ll give you two sentences u ll correct them..
he said sth sth
i corrected first one
dont know i was rite or not

repo rate reverse repo rate.
e banking
now e banking se ye transactions k cost kam hui k jyada hui h
kam hui hai sir
arey fir to ye logo k job kha gya. etc.etc. i was like yes sir but in this era of globalization we can not remain backward. thsi that. 
he asked as you have done MBA finance n IT tell me how ll u increase GDP or create jobs by technology jo job www k ane se chali gyai. 
jane kya soch k ye bol idya. sir acc ot recent survey by UN if india increase its broadband to cover 10
% more then it ll increase GDP by this percent
Sir: this is not your idea.how do u think they ll achieve it
i said BPO in rural sector. some more eg. 
now third mam: 
whats excise duty income tax, custom tax
i told income tax is direct tax, income p lagta h.
mam: income me kya ata h 
i said income from job. rent business
excise is indirect tax levied on goods creation.
n custom when i import. she asked export p nhi lagta 
i was like…………………..
then i said nahi pata
then what are the types of attack on internet
i said hacking, spoofing
defacign websites 
how can we stop it:i said pasword [ i love this word :/]
this that. 
fir vahi internet security p aa gyi, mere dimag me encryption nhi aa rha tha. 
then she asked is there any law i said yes it is there
whats the name n year
i was blank
sorry mam
she asked India me hai bhi
i said yes maam hai. but i dont remember 
they thanked me. i thanked them.
sir asked me when i stood up 2 saal poore nhi hue na job me. i said ho gye ahi but period nikal do brk k to nhi hue h. thats what he wanted to hear. i dont know y.
mam n he was smiling. i said thanks. 
torture over smile emoticon

(This article has been written by a PG user and largely left unedited)