New Attendance Rules for Students in Class X and XII are introduced by CBSE

CBSE Board has announced a new rule to check the poor attendance of the students. All the schools affiliated under CBSE must now follow the new rules to manage the cases of poor attendance in school. The required attendance has been clearly stated by the board for eligibility of appearance in examinations of Class X and XII. According to an evaluation in 2019 results, it has been found that students with a shortage in attendance secured low marks in examinations and now the board is taking strict action against the same as well.

The board has found that while asking for exemption in attendance the school, students, and parents are not submitting required documents and certificates to the competent authority.

CBSE has thus outlined a Standard Operating Procedure for information and compliance by the school, students, and parents to deal with the students having a shortage in attendance than the desired percentage of attendance.

The following actions are to be taken by the school under the new guidelines of CBSE

  • The students and the parents must be well informed about the significance of the classes at the starting of a new session.
  • Awareness regarding the relevant rules of attendance and the grounds on which shortfall of attendance is accepted should be informed to the students and parents.
  • A warning notice must be sent to the students and parents for irregular attendance in classes and records of such students must be maintained.
  • Medical certificates from the competent authority must be submitted by the students and parents and the reason for taking such leave should be mentioned.
  • Cases of irregular attendance should be recommended by the school as per examination bye-laws.
  • Attendance of an academic session will be calculated on the 1st of January.
  • Cases of the shortfall in attendance of academic session of Class X and XII will be taken in concerned regional offices till 7th of January and will only be considered by the board.
  • After the 7th of January, no cases of the academic session of Class X and XII will be accepted.