CBSE Mandates 2019: New Law for Low Attendance

Short attendance of students has become a serious issue the CBSE affiliated schools. It has become mandatory to submit the attendance report of the students to the Board. The final decision will be taken by the Board whether to allow the students or not to take the examinations. Official website of CBSE is .

As per the sources, students will low attendance failed to perform well in the examination. Therefore, a Standard Operating Procedure has been set by the Board to deal with the low attendance issue.

New rules of CBSE on low attendance:

  • As per CBSE norms, an exemption to the candidates will be given for prolonged illness, loss of mother or father, authorised participation in sports in national or international level etc.
  • The schools must compile the attendance by 1st January. This is to identify the cases of Short Distance. The details and the supporting documents should be sent to the Regional Office of CBSE by 7th January.
  • To get the exemption, a formal letter addressed to the authority is mandatory to Europe.

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