Markaholic, the Marketing Committee of IFMR GSB, came up with an event “Mind the Market, Find the Target -2.0” to provide the students a much-needed break from their routine assignments and projects. The event comprised of three rounds:

  • Ordinary Wizarding Level
  • Marauders Mischief
  • Quidditch Goal

These names how peculiar they may sound summed up the event which had huge participation from the students as many as 20 teams had registered for the event. Each team comprised of three members. The first round was the general quiz round in which there were questions related to various brands and identification of their logos. This was an elimination round in which only 12 teams qualified for the next round. The next round was a treasure hunt in which there were hints given to each team and they had to collect the products based on their given brands, in a stipulated time limit. This was the part of the event which involved the most fun as students were involved in searching for the products not only in the supply store of our campus but also borrowed stuff from their peers in their quest to move to the next round. In the final round we had four teams wherein the teams were given a product from the early 1990s and they had to improve or upgrade them in an order that they become commercially viable in today’s market and were given five minutes to pitch their ideas with a presentation and also prepare a role-play not exceeding two minutes. The top two teams were awarded the winners based on their cumulative scores as it was a closely fought contest. The event was organized in a manner that improved the brand awareness of the students as well as helped them to gain an intellect of devising marketing strategies for products.