Unleashing innumerable layers of marketing, MICA is probably the only B-school that has experimented with its curriculum in the field of marketing time and again. Always enjoying the sweet spot for being recognized as a C-school, MICA has for years focused on branding, strategic marketing, and communications. Creativity and innovation is a way of life at MICA. 

Further MICA differentiates itself from other b-schools for the multi-disciplinary curriculum that includes Cultural Context of Communication and Semiotics, which deepens the understanding of branding and marketing and how brands are decoded.

MICA is known for its diverse pedagogy, their focus on ideation and creativity. Associating this creativity and innovation to advertising gave birth to the buzzword “Semiotics” a.k.a context field of analysis. In an exclusive interview, semiotics Professor. Harmony Siganporia, at MICA, shares her vision for the subject, ”semiotics is the investigation and tracing the culture and how it is attached to the meanings in certain ideas like gender, class, caste and so hence and so forth”. Further explaining she said, “Semiotics comes from critical theory space and has been used to read societies context for decades but marketing has newly woken up to its potential”. 

Transforming itself with changing times MICA has always modernized its pedagogy and curriculum. MICA is one of that B-school which has created a niche in management education with achieving and aspiring yet higher standards.  The MICA community is proud of what they offer and how it is different from the other B-schools for aspiring marketers to be.

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