MBA interview: Professional Help Works!

Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time???

Well that’s the feeling you will have if you do not prepare well for your MBA interview…

Contrary to popular belief you can actually prepare and prepare well for the MBA Interview.

Let’s start by first understanding the system that goes in to the interview process:

The MBA interview at most top b schools is a test of what you know. By design it is supposed to test the strengths and not weaknesses in a candidate. It is not usually a stress interview but sometimes it appears like that due to the situation candidates put themselves into.

There are many types of questions asked at the MBA interview but most of the questions are profile based. The interview panel has little time to read the entire application and essays before the interview so they skim through it very quickly. Due to this the essay quality matters a lot.

The ‘Why MBA?’ questions is almost a given in every interview. Many candidates make the mistake of assuming that panelist will be satisfied with superficial answers like NETWORKING and KNOWLEDGE.

As most evaluation at the interview is aimed at finding out if you can be PLACED, Career Progression or Placements are not a very bad thing to talk about as an answer to these ‘Why’ questions.

Another question that is almost always asked revolves around the ‘Plan B Post MBA’. The elements of this ‘Plan B’ first of all should be achievable and secondly should inspire confidence and not stress out the placement team.

While ‘Long Term Goals’ usually are not considered very important, they provide good fodder for questions and cross questions at the interview. Candidates are usually not logical and unprepared with answers for things they plan to do 5 to 10 years down the line. While this is understandable, every MBA worth the salt wants to be an Entrepreneur in the long term. Candidates need to think of something less creative and more logical.

Professional help always helps ace that interview. If it is available you must avail it.