MBA in 2030

“I always wanted to be an engineer”, said Fido Singh;”Are you sure you want to work in this IT company? you have done B.E in fertilizer and dairy production?”, asked the recruiting HR. “Yes sir, absolutely, asiffudaulla-for-unemployed is my dream company”, Fido replied. “Well then, we will tell you when to join, your starting reimbursement is of 3.25 pa”. “Thank you sir,I will not disappoint you” Fido smiled with gratitude. That night Fido partied throughout the night with booze and his 250 male friends, everyone celebrated for being placed in the same company (they did not celebrate because they were employed, they celebrated because they had another 2 years to enjoy without figuring out what to do with life).

After 7 months in office…..

“Bhai, can’t take it, I no now what to do.” an agitated Fido Watsapped Zhango Mishra. Zhango shot back, “What? MBA?”

“ya, u too?”

“ya man, ma seniors told me that MBA helps you earn more money & if u do it frm a gud college den dere are chances of marriag to an urban Indian grl.”

“Don’t no abt marig, m cool with Bangis or Nepus, nyways, lets apply 2gether”

“sure, will aply to get a feel, xtra marks if workex is over 2 yrs”

“allrighty, lunch then”, Fido got up and moved towards Zhango who sat in the opposite cell. They share the samosa which Fido bought from Community kitchen and curse Mathews, their boss, for he got free meals as he was covered in the food security bill unlike Zhango and Fido himself.

“Buddy, we banned from regular MBAs!” Fido exclaimed with rebellious undertone. “ya dude, industry doesn’t demand general male software engineers” Zhango explained with a hidden “obviously”. Fido continued, “even manipal distance learning is giving preference to married men, there are 3 boxes: married, girlfriend and both, whats with marriage and stuff?”

“yaar, marriage happens only if you are resourceful, responsible, know where you are heading and you get additional points if you have both wife and girlfriend. Anyways don’t go for Manipal, engineers from AIEEE top 20 colleges’ students barely manage to crack its exam.”

“what bullsh!t !! but there is no marriage without MBA, my mom tried to fill the form of, they say conducts the toughest exam and his heavily biased. Categories such as freedom fighter related, not general in caste get reservation there”

“ya bro, specially to a regular MBA guy with non traveling, non IT, in city job with arts as bachelors and a 1 bhk apartment in Mumbai”

“what remains is supporting Kejriwal and who is ready to take a career break during pregnancy”

“Ironically, that too, if you are ready to avail the advanced medical facilities and take the noble burden of child bearing and support AAP then too weight-age will be given.

“so what is the solution?” asked hopeless Fido .

“do online MBA from IGNOU and become entrepreneur.”