A Special Meeting! :-)

Acknowledgements: I like to thank everyone who read my previous articles. I feel encouraged to write more now ? What I wrote today is something related to me. My Friend Pushpak1987, I am working on a sad story as well and will come out with the same soon

Prologue: Well, this is not a story, it’s just an unexpected meeting between two friends (or two persons rather) who had met after 2 years. in this article I’ve used the same characters i.e. Vibhu, Rashi, Vishal of I Love YOU TOO! and here I show about how Vibhu and Rashi met for the first time in Mumbai. Here it goes –

It was Monday today. I had my appointment with Vishal’s friend’s company, R.N. Enterprise. The company was located in Worli as well, just a few meters away from Vishal’s office. In lunch when Vishal came home, he dropped me to the company as it was in the way back to his office.

R.N. Enterprise was on the third floor of a multi-storied commercial market where various business houses had their offices or franchises. I entered R.N. Enterprise. It was a small office just having a few cabins, a small reception area, a female receptionist and a few chairs around.

“Hi. I’ve an appointment,” I approached the girl on the reception. I did not know whom I had my appointment with.

“Your good name, sir,” she asked.

“Vibhu Saxena,” I said as she started searching my name in her database.

“Sir, you have an appointment with Mr. Kumar,” she replied, “Please have a seat. I just send you in.”

“Fine,” I said finding a place to sit.

After a few minutes, she said, “Sir, please go into Mr. Kumar’s cabin, on your left.”

“Alright,” I said moving towards the cabin.

“Naresh Kumar, Managing Director,” read the board on the door of the cabin I was going to enter.

I entered the cabin. A man in his late forties wearing a corporate suit offered me to sit.

“Good Afternoon Sir,” I greeted him as I sat.

“Vishal was saying you are a model,” he said.

“Yes,” I said, “Though I’ve not done much of the modeling.”

He smiled.

“Vishal is really a good boy,” he said I wondered how he knew Vishal.

“Yes Sir.”

“He is friends with my daughter, Rashi.”

I nodded. Ohh so he is the father of Vishal’s friend.

“Ohh I forgot,” he rang the bell to call a peon in, “What would you like to have?”

“No. Thanks sir. I’ve just had lunch.”

“Two Ice-teas,” he still placed an order.

After the peon left, he said, “Can I see your portfolio.”

“Sure sir,” I took it out of my bag and handed to him.

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