MASTERS’ UNION – Learn from the Masters – Mastercamp in Applied Finance by KPMG in India

Students need to adapt to new learning methods as the world is constantly changing. This can only be achieved if the educational institutes bring in industry-relevant education to the students to prepare them for the changing demands of the job market. In this regard, maximizing young professionals’ skills to prepare them for their corporate journey for great career opportunities is very important. This is where Masters’ Union brings forth the cutting-edge solution and offers the best industry-specific educational solutions to budding minds. The holistic collaborations with the industry’s luminaries make the program at Masters’ Union one of the leading programs that aim to harness the students’ skills rather than focus on traditional rote approaches.

Masters’ Union along with the partnership with KPMG, offers the Mastercamp in Applied Finance. Some of the stellar highlights of the programs are:

1. Curriculum and Pedagogy: A hands-on experience, this Bootcamp offers a closer insight into the world of finance by making students privy to concepts like banking, modeling, negotiations, etc.

2. Industry Connect: The entire program is taught by a set of experts based in the coveted organization KPMG. Some of the renowned masters of the course are Mr Vijay Gogoi, Associate Partner, KPMG; Ms. Meenakshi Bamezai, Associate Director, KPMG; Mr Karan Marwah, Partner, KPMG; and Mr Amit Choudhary, Manager, KPMG and many other.

3. Practical Exposure: The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the industry and, hence, is extremely job-focused. The program also mandates a virtual internship of 6 months at KPMG for students to get real-time insight into the industry’s working.

4. Flexible Approach: Besides this, the program adopts a hybrid method of both offline and online education, thereby being extremely flexible in its approach to the students. The learners have the option to either attend the classes online or go for in campus classes in the Gurugram campus of Masters Union.

5. Placement Prospects: Students also get assistance in terms of the placements through one-on-one guidance from the industry experts. This also involves mock interviews to prepare students for the actual placement drives. Some of the job roles that students can adopt after completing the program are Assistant Manager, Executive Manager, O2C Assistant Manager, R2R Finance Manager, Finance Controller, etc.

The curriculum offered in this Mastercamp is coming-of-age and considers the evolution of the finance industry. Here are some advantages that a student can benefit from –

1. Students can learn from the live classes worth 250 hours, facilitated by the team at KPMG.

2. They get a chance to participate actively in more than five projects to get hands-on experience of the prevalent problems in the world of business.

3. They get trained to perfectly utilize tools like SAP and PowerBI. Beginning with foundational concepts like Fundamentals of Accounting, Financial Ratios, Procure to Pay, and Order to Cash, the program takes students to advanced level modules like Data Visualization using Power BI, Business Analytics, Companies Auditor’s Report Order, and Financial Statement Fraud, Corruption, and Asset Misappropriation.

4. Besides this, exposure to intricately working on case studies like ‘Risk Analysis of Shale Gas Extraction Project’ and ‘Wipro’s limited buyback of shares in 2020’ helps students develop a critical and quantitative insight into world finance.

5. They also can work with real businesses, wherein they work on projects like forensic auditing, consulting on tax, structuring, and accounting.

6. The on-campus events and meetups also facilitate the best opportunity for students to build up holistic networks within the industry and thereby maximize their career pursuits.

Moreover, the program offers students to start on their entrepreneurial journey through the means of a startup incubator. It helps them connect with investors and other stakeholders, recognizing their innovative startup attempts.

All these things included making Masters’ Union the best place for students to kickstart their professional journey. The primary reason behind this is the close connection with the industry experts as facilitators. This is where the students will get real-time insights into the industry’s work. Admissions for Round 3 is open at Masters’ Union and aspiring students can apply for the Mastercamp by 30th May, 2022. This would prove to be a perfect platform for students to kickstart their journey into finance. Apply Now!

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