Masterclasses at IFIM Business School Bangalore

I, Divyanshu Kulkarni from the batch of 2019-21 would like to share some insights about our Masterclasses. IFIM Business School, Bangalore being the 6th Business School in India to be “AACSB Accredited” has tied up with ESCP Business School, London for Fintech (i.e. Financial Technology) specialization. 

The Introductory sessions started with the introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, followed by a closer look at the current developments and how technologies are changing the financial services landscape. The students then presented papers by forming groups.

Prof Terence Tse of ESCP Europe Programme Leader will lead the “Company Consultancy Project (CCP)” where the participants will work on a real-life case study based on a business problem presented by a Corporate client. Later they will be taught problem-solving and decision making that balances logical thinking and innovative thinking via a seven-stage process. Then they will be going to ESCP London for three weeks where they will learn digital megatrends and more in the first week then Managing digital and innovation disruption, Transformational change management , Financial technology markets followed by Accelerators and incubators, The investor’s view and InsurTech and WealthTech in the third week.

This will help them understand in depth all the concepts from experts from across the world.

The main ESCP team includes-

Terence Tse (SSI Programme Leader) who is also the founder of a Tech Artificial Intelligence company based in London

Diana Clarke (Cross-Cultural Management) who is member of Top 10, an association of prestigious consultants in the sphere of Human Resources and Management

Peter Stephenson-Wright (Problem-solving and Decision making) who is the Director of Executive Education and Business Development at ESCP Europe Business School 

Coming to the Darden School of Business whose masterclasses have recently started is providing the MarTech (i.e. Marketing Technology) learning to our Marketing students. 

Their Introductory session started with Market gap identification and communication strategy. They were given interesting a real-life recent case studies to learn these concepts in the most practical way.

Their most recent, i.e. the second session was about vanity metrics and how to identify them for which they also used visualization tools to explain the concepts better. They are eager for the further sessions which will be happening soon before their three weeks stay at the Darden School of Business.

Our faculties immense support in all this has made it easier to learn and remember all that is being taught at these masterclasses. This shows the versatility and the practical knowledge that IFIM Business School, Bangalore students will be having.

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