Management Development Institute Murshidabad Forges International Collaboration

In the six years of its establishment, Management Development Institute (MDI) Murshidabad has taken a quantum leap in making the campus a seminary of proficiency, prowess, and opportunities for its students. In this era of fast-paced globalization and vast connectivity, it is crucial for learners to get in touch with global trends and keep track of the latest knowledge in their respective fields. As is expected from MDIM, the institute has yet again proved that when it comes to offer its students holistic education, it leaves no stone unturned. 

MDI Murshidabad takes immense pride in announcing the noteworthy advancement, the institute has made in galvanizing the vision of MDIM’s global recognition. In the pursuit of equipping its students with the best skills in management, the institute has collaborated with two prestigious business schools in France, namely EKLYA School of Business and HYBRIA Institute of Business and Technologies, France. Both of these business schools have been established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon Metropole Saint-Etienne Roanne in France and are widely renowned in terms of their excellent education programs and the learning and professional experience they provide to their students. 

Day by day, global collaborations in higher education are increasingly becoming a fundamental part of comprehensive learning and rightfully so. The assimilation and inclusion of top-notch global resources and education institutions into mainstream Indian education has become crucial. Practices of global collaborations not only provide learners with a wide range of resources to enhance their skills and gain extraordinary learning outcomes but also encourage them to explore areas that they may not have typically considered in a domestic learning environment.

Why France?

MDIM has chosen France for collaboration for particular reasons. In addition to being the sixth-largest, the French economy is known for its dynamic and prosperous nature. It is a home to one of the largest business districts in the world. Without a doubt, the business atmosphere in France offers its students rich education and plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on experience as professionals. 


About the Schools

EKLYA School of Business  

EKLYA School of Business, for 50 years, has been connecting with the real-world labour markets. It has been developing training programs based on the requirement of the latest market. In addition to this, it offers its learners a chance to form connections with pedagogy teams that are dedicated to educate, supports and guides its learners in exploring their professional and entrepreneurial initiatives. Through this collaboration, students at MDIM can be integrated in EKLYA’s vast professional network. 

HYBRIA Institute of Business and Technologies

Hybria institute of business and technologies offers a unique hybrid program for leaners to gain specialization in technical and commercial aspects of business. It offers business engineers with extensive and innovative training in learning to employ scientific, technical, and technological systems in business. Business engineering is a new and upcoming branch of business education pertaining to the study of organisational structure, development, and implementation of scientifically proven business solutions. The institute partners with leading technology companies. With this collaboration, MDIM offers its students the distinct opportunity to become technologists with business skills.


The Anticipated Outcome of Collaboration 

To these ends, MDIM has signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the aforementioned institutes. 

These MoUs have been proposed and made effective keeping in mind the institute’s aim to nurture the development of its students as well as the institute itself in terms of teaching, training, consulting, and research. With this collaboration, it intends to bring home the best of the world-class education and make it easily accessible for those interested. As per the MoUs, MDIM and the aforementioned institutes will be facilitating the exchange of postgraduate students, faculty members, and academic information and material. In addition, the collaboration will be bolstered through joint corporate training programs, combined research programs, clubbed conferences, study tours, and other academic activities. These experiences will enrich the lives and education of students MDI and enable them to gain true expertise in global business practices. Such immersive industry exposure, application-based education, and credibility of these institutes will provide students at MDIM the headstart they deserve while stepping into their business and management career.

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