Management Aptitude Test: What to Know About the Examination

MAT 2020
All About the MAT Examination

Most likely if you are going into the business administration field you have heard about the MAT examination. This is the management aptitude test that is used by colleges all over India for admission into their MBA programs.

There are more than 600 colleges all over the country that requires the scores of this test for admission into these programs and lakhs of candidates take this exam every year. Here is everything to know about this test so you can prepare for it in advance.

How Often It Happens and Types

There are 4 times every year that you can take MAT exam and they occur in February, May, September and finally in December. This gives you 4 times every year that you can take the exam to try to better your score, but this can be doubled if you take both the paper and computer based tests.

There is a fee that you would have to pay for the exam and you can pay a slight bit extra to take both to give you a better chance of scoring higher.

Examination Information

This is a multiple choice based examination and there are going to be 200 questions. Each candidate is given 150 minutes to complete all of the questions and you are given 4 marks for a right answer and docked 1 mark for a wrong answer.

There are 5 sections on the test, but the Indian and Global environment section is marked while the others, including intelligence and critical reasoning, data analysis and sufficiency, mathematical skills and language comprehension are. Each section has a total of 40 marks allotted and you should spend various times on the sections.

Syllabus of the Examination

You also need to be aware of the topics that are going to be covered in the various sections, such as:

  • Language comprehension covers functional and summary grammar, para jumbles, reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, synonyms and antonyms and analogies
  • Mathematical skills would cover Trigonometry, probability, mensuration, various arithmetic functions, basic algebra, plane geometry, permutations and distance and height
  • Data analysis covers DC or data comparison and DS or data sufficiency and interpretation of data
  • Intelligence and critical reasoning would cover weak and strong arguments, decoding and coding, venn diagrams, calendars, direction sense, blood relations, analytical reasoning and much more

If you know what the topics that are covered will be, then you can prepare yourself for the examination by studying those topics. Go ahead and start studying more on these specific areas so you can get a higher composite score for each section.

Make sure that you are preparing for this examination and that you know why you need to take it. This is going to be needed for some of the top MBA colleges all over India and you should be ready to take it.

You also need to know what the marks are going to be and what topics would be covered during each section so that you can study those areas.

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