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This quiz consists of questions from
various past actual papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses
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Direction for questions 1 to 10: Each
question consists of five statements followed by options

consisting of three statements put together
in a specific order. Choose the option which indicates a valid argument, that
is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two


A. All software companies employ knowledge workers.

B. Tara Tech employs knowledge workers.

C. Tara Tech is a software company.

D. Some software companies employ knowledge workers.

E. Tara Tech employs only knowledge workers.

a. ABC             b. ACB           c. CDB             d. ACE


 A. Traffic
congestion increases carbon monoxide in the environment.

B. Increase in carbon monoxide is hazardous to health.

C. Traffic congestion is hazardous to health.

D. Some traffic congestion does not cause increased
carbon monoxide.

E. Some traffic congestion is not hazardous to health.

a. CBA            
 b. BDE            c. CDE              d. BAC


A. Apples are not sweets.

B. Some apples are sweet.

C. All sweets are tasty.

D. Some apples are not tasty.

E. No apple is tasty.

a. CEA             b. BDC            c. CBD              d. EAC


A. Some towns in India are polluted.

B. All polluted towns should be destroyed.

C. Town Meghana should be destroyed.

D. Town Meghana is polluted.

E. Some towns in India should be destroyed.

a. BDE          b. BAE          c. ADE             d. CDB


A. No patriot is a criminal.

B. Bundledas is not a criminal.

C. Bundledas is a patriot.

D. Bogusdas is not a patriot.

E. Bogusdas is a criminal.

a. ACB           b. ABC         
 c. ADE               d. ABE


A. Anteaters like ants.

B. Boys are anteaters.

C. Balaram is an anteater.

D. Balaram likes ants.

E. Balaram may eat ants.

a. DCA         b. ADC            c. ABE              d. ACD


A. All actors are handsome.

B. Some actors are popular.

C. Ram is handsome.

D. Ram is a popular actor.

E. Some popular people are handsome.

a. ACD            b. ABE             c. DCA                d. EDC


A. Modern industry is technology-driven.

B. BTI is a modern industry.

C. BTI is technology-driven.

D. BTI may be technology-driven

E. Technology driven industry is modern.

a. ABC            b. ABD                 c. BCA                 d. EBC


A. All Golmal islanders are blue-coloured people.

B. Some smart people are not blue-coloured people.

C. Some babies are blue-coloured.

D. Some babies are smart.

E. Some smart people are not Golmal islanders.

a. BCD             
 b. ABE           c. CBD                d. None of these


A. MBAs are in great demand.

B. Ram and Sita are in great demand.

C. Ram is in great demand.

D. Sita is in great demand.

E. Ram and Sita are MBAs.

a. ABE               b. ECD           c. AEB                 d. EBA

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1(b)    2(d)    
3(a)    4(b)     5(a)    
6(d)   7(b)    8(a)    
9(b)    10(c)   

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