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ITM Group of Institutions was established in 1991 with a vision to provide a global edge to the students and an aim to create a conducive environment for the growth and learning of industry leaders for the future. ITM’s Kharghar campus in Navi Mumbai was the first fully functional and automatic campus from ITM group to deliver Business Management education. Located amidst the hustle bustle and a fast moving city with a proximity to major centres, the ITM Kharghar Campus offers students with a range of holistic activities to dive in, provides with a vast array of resources and equips them with an intricate network of industry experience.

ITM Kharghar offers a number of PGDM courses in various specialisations. Following is an overview of the same-

1. PGDM iConnect Finance – A specialisation that holds strong in almost all industries and has had a phenomenal growth in recent years, this is a program that finesses students and provides them with a myriad career opportunities. The course covers everything from Investment Banking to Equity/Financial Planning and makes you job ready. The average package goes to around 8 LPA with 14 LPA being the highest. So if the world of Finance intrigues you, this could absolutely be your thing!

2. PGDM iConnect Marketing – With the right Marketing strategy in today’s era, a good business goes from nothing to everything. This is the digital age and with digital marketing on the uprise, this specialisation equips you with everything from the basics to the most advanced ways of bringing your skills up to an edge. With 650+ companies for placements, the highest package goes to 21 LPA with an average of 8.65 LPA.

3. PGDM iConnect Human Resource Management – Every Organization needs the right person for the right job and along with a lot other aspects, this is a comprehensive 2 years specialisation making you industry ready. With the highest package being 8.5 LPA and average being 6.5 LPA, this program offers you a deep insight into everything with HR.

4. PGDM Iconnect Business Analytics – With data being most crucial for companies today, the demand for data analytics has been an all time high today. If you wish to mingle up your business brain with technology, this course is for you and beholds a very lucrative and dynamic job experience for your future. Highest placement package goes up to 12.5 LPA with an average of 7.5 LPA.

5. PGDM Iconnect Operations and Supply Chain Management – This program gets you ready with the logistics and supply chain designs of a company with Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The average salary for the same is 6.5 LPA with the highest being recorded at 12.5 LPA.

6. PGDM Iconnect Financial Markets – With the culmination of Finance and Technology, this program is a deep dive in the capital markets combined with Business Management. It also offers you with Industry Projects and live stimulations. The average package for the same is 6.5 LPA and highest recorded being 10.8 LPA.

7. PGDM Iconnect Retail Management and Marketing – With a growing demand of retail management this program offers you to develop your skillset so as to work in a dynamic organization. IT also provides a 10 day international internship at NTU, Singapore. The average package is 7 LPA with highest recorded being 10.4 LPA

8. PGDM Iconnect International Business – Expanding your business acumen cross borders and adding a global edge is as exciting to do as it looks. This program teaches you to handle business projects over a multinational span. The average package goes upto 7.75 LPA with highest recorded being 15 LPA.

9. PGDM Iconnect FinTech – The growth and role of FinTech today has been transformational, changing a lot of aspects for business. The average package for this goes up to 7 LPA with highest being recorded at 9.2 LPA.

10. PGDM IconnectDigitial Marketing and Transformation – Technology continues to drive businesses in the 21st century. This Digital Marketing 2 years PGDM program equips you with everything you need to drive your business to growth. The average package is 8.5 LPA with the highest being recorded at 7.2 LPA.

With a diverse range of options for the PGDM Specializations, ITM Kharghar’s campus is a modern campus with automated facilities. The program provides a 5 month internship to give an on the job training experience to the students. It has been ranked 6th in Top Private B –  Schools in Mumbai by Times B School 2020. It has also been ranked 14th among the top B – Schools in Mumbai, Outlook Survey.

To inculcate Corporate Social Responsibility, an NGO has been redesigned. The campus provides students with live projects mentored by a team of Industry experts and core faculties.  With over 650+ recruiters coming every year, there has been a cent percent placement record since 2015, even through the pandemic. From startups to ET100 top companies, the college provides students with the top job offers, best packages and international opportunities to advance in their career.

The campus has various facilities with its own hostels, amphitheatre, library, auditoriums, Theatrical classrooms and an all day Wi-Fi facility. It’s in proximity to Sion- Panvel Expressway and thus is closeby to the station making it easier for students to travel.

With an industry connection and being centrally located, this is the college for you to apply for if you are looking forward to take a lot more than just studies from your PGDM program. With a comprehensive and a conducive environment to have an experience along with your post graduation degree, this campus puts you in the right spot for your upright growing curve and aids in preparing you for the industry.

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