Life after an online MBA degree

The ever-expanding limits of technology have led us to change our beliefs a multitude of times. One such belief that has gone through the much-necessary transition is the advent of education through online medium. Earlier considered to be an inept way of garnering education, the pandemic and the rise in several e-learning platforms has led one to realize that online education is as efficient as the traditional way of delivering the curriculum. This same methodology has been vitally adopted in the pedagogy of MBA. Aside from compartmentalizing time and finances, life after MBA is also wonderous as varied opportunities lie ahead after completing the course.

Of the many universities, some leading and top ones that offer online MBA in India are:

  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
  • Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning
  • Institute of Management Technology, Centre of Distance Learning

Eligibility Criteria for Online MBA

The conditions of eligibility for distance or online MBA vary from institute to institute. Ranging to the timeline of two years, one can always experience the curriculum and pedagogy that is available in regular MBA programs. The common eligibility areas are:

  • The candidate must have completed a graduate degree from a recognized university.
  • A valid entrance score like CAT, NMAT, OPENMAT, etc.
  • Work experience is usually desired but not required for admission in many such universities.

Perks of online MBA

  • Accessibility to all

In an ever-increasing competition around the nation, people face a constant dilemma of choosing between upskilling themselves through enrolling in a full-time MBA program or securing their future through employment. Through online MBA, students have the opportunity to not just secure their existing employment, but also level up their skills through the wholesome curriculum of MBA. One can have any profession, one can be a student, employed personnel, or even a stay-at-home parent, and they can still enroll themselves in the online MBA program.

  • Cost-effective

The humongous cost of the regular MBA is one of the most looming constraints for many a bright mind to not pursue this degree. One of the most interesting and attractive features of the online MBA is that it is cost-effective as compared to the regular MBA. Without being hefty on one’s pocket, this online MBA degree offers every essential part and parcel that a regular MBA degree offers.

  • Skill development

The holistic curriculum and the expertise of the faculty as coupled with the nuanced pedagogy offer an individual a chance to level up their skills at the utmost level. These courses also offer the students the chance to acquaint themselves with various up and coming areas in the field of management like fintech, industrial management, and supply chain management among many others.

  • Flexible in terms of time

One of the most enamoring features of the online MBA is the flexibility that it offers in terms of time. One can easily compartmentalize their time depending on their schedule and give their due time to keep up with the course. This factor suits the people who have other engagements in their life and cannot commit to a set timetable.

What lies ahead? Career prospects

Leading Companies hiring students from online MBA:

  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • Axis Bank
  • Capgemini
  • TCS
  • Wipro among many others.

Average salary after online MBA:

2.5 to 3.75 LPA in companies like Hero, Mahindra, and Manhattan Associates.

Sub-fields to pursue after online MBA 


The field of finance is as leading as it has always been. Post-MBA, most people with the analytical bend of mind tend to venture into the field of finance. In fact, one can also pursue certain certifications while in the field like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) among many others. The roles that one can assume to enter the field are, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, and Relationship Analyst among many others. The starting salary range in this field ranges from 5.1 lakh to 8 lakhs per annum. Many leading banks, credit rating agencies, and insurance companies hire in the realm of finance.


With the transformation in ways, media is consumed in the present age, the advent of digital marketing has led to the emergence of this field in the realm of marketing. People pursuing this field can integrate and assimilate their creative faculty along with their analytical abilities. This field has many sub-fields like a market researcher, email marketing expert, paid social media marketing expert. Starting a career in this field, one can assume the roles like Digital Marketing Executive, Marketing Executive, or Business Development Executive among many others. The starting salary in this field can be somewhere around 3.4 lakh per annum to 6.9 lakh per annum. Varied marketing agencies, advertising firms, and sales and marketing departments hire in the realm of marketing.

HR Management

Numerous people who find themselves good with assessing people and acquiring talent, while also maintaining the work ethics, find themselves attracted to the field of HR management. With the ongoing pandemic, HR policies have revolutionized themselves as well. They have used online medium to update their policies according to the changing times. One can enter this field by taking up the roles such as HR executive, or HR manager. The salary for entry-level professionals in this role ranges from 3.2 lakhs per annum to 5 lakhs per annum. The HR department of leading brands and numerous recruitment agencies hire for this role.

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