LBSIM PGDM Finance or PGDM General: Which course is Better?

The courses offered by Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management under PGDM are quite a few, but very often, people seem to get confused between PGDM General and PGDM Finance.

PGDM General 

This programme is a full time two year diploma course which started back in 1955 and it is one of the flagship courses of this institute.

This programme helps the students to get a better understanding of the ever dynamic corporate world by giving them real-time problems and challenging roles which would eventually be preparing them for the future in their workplaces, and with the society at a bigger scale with all the deep rooted and ingrained values received from the institution.

This would ensure the overall growth and development of them as a human being so that they contribute in the most efficient manner to the nation’s economy by virtue of their human capital.


This course helps all the individuals to channelize and harness their true inner potential with the help of integrated efforts, self-examination and group studies, experiential learning skills, case studying and industry exposure.

Hence, the key aspect of this very programme is to impart education in the most professional manner in the modern scenario of management which pertains to business. This in turn helps the pupils to connect with the outer world and embrace its dynamics and uncertainty. 

PGDM Finance

The primeval objective for this particular course is creating a cadre of people who are professionals and have a specialization in Finance. It helps and equips the pupils to have a strong analytical skill paired with problem-solving expertise and a mindset which is very ethical.

This course enables them to think in a very critical manner and operate accordingly in an ever-changing business environment. This also allows the students to get a holistic approach to the recognition of all business challenges and relate finance to all other different disciplines.


The primary aim and objective of this programme is to relay a very conceptual knowledge of the basics when it comes to accounting, finance, human behaviour, regulatory environment and last but not the least, finance.

It also helps students develop a fine appreciation of the thin line of interface layered within financial analysts, and all other scopes of economics, investments, management, international finance, corporate strategizing and so forth for facilitating an analytical decision which is to be taken by the students themselves. And also, to equip all pupils with the state of the art skills in technology in InfoTech and other functional areas.

This was an analytical comparison between the two courses which would help you to guide your path. You must decide for yourself and choose whatever course resonates with your choice and preference of a career that you want to pursue.

PGDM Finance and PGDM General have entirely different scopes altogether and hence, to understand the programmes, it is imperative to know what the area of reach each of the course has. We hope this article was of some use to you.

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  1. @Niki22
    I got selected in research and business analytics course. I want to know about the placements in this particular course.
    April 2020
  2. @Rahul897
    I got selected for pgdm finance
    April 2020