AICTE has issued fresh updates regarding aspirants seeking admission into b-schools. The authority has recently announced that students can now take admission into b-schools for programmes like PGDM and MBA through the marks obtained in the final undergraduate examinations.

This significant step has been taken while considering the devastating challenges and hurdles being posed by the globally spread coronavirus. Amidst the pandemic, institutions and entrance test authorities have been finding it extremely difficult to conduct regular annual entrance test for further selection.

Impact of the new AICTE updates

Among several challenges posed by the pandemic, young professionals are presently in a dilemma and are failing to realise whether they should take admission or drop a year.

The altered teaching methodologies, along with financial disturbance and significant changes in career opportunities and stability, have altogether pushed young professionals to make a hard choice for their careers.

Students opting for programmes like PGDM or MBA are now at a crossroad. Therefore, the decision to allot a seat in b-schools or institutions offering MBA or PGDM programmes based on the scores of the undergraduate exam has been accepted by several individuals.

The significant decision has been accepted by academicians in different spheres as well as by students. Moreover, it is now indicated a source of relief to the student.

As per the latest guidelines issued by AICTE, while seeking admissions into a university, the first preference would be given to those students who have appeared in any of the entrance tests.

Further, the selection process would be based on the scores of the undergraduate exams, but only if the seats are vacant.

The decision has now brought relief for the students, and therefore a quick solution can be made regarding careers and future prospective. Rather than taking a drop or completely backing off from the management sphere, students can re-think and make a decision accordingly.

How these updates are useful for students

The following norms could prove helpful for aspirants seeking admission during a global pandemic has been mentioned herewith.

  • Transformational Experience 

A sudden change in teaching methodology and overall experience in the education sectors has been transformational. With no physical interactions or networking sessions, the traditional classroom experience has been missing.

Moreover, with a reassortment towards online learning approaches, students will be exposed to a whole new learning experience. The institutions have been working rigorously to blend modern-day techniques with traditional approaches, which in turn could turn out to be helpful for young professionals. 

  • Change in skill demands 

Since time has changed so significantly in the past few months, so has the industry. With new teaching and learning methods, there has been an enormous shift in the demand for the skill set by industry professionals.

The job market sphere now requires young professionals with unique and modern skill sets to tackle the newly emerging challenges. For instance, the digital transformation in SMEs.

Innovative strategies to strengthen the supply chains or for finding investors for funding small-scale start-ups are a few requirements issued by the industry experts. Therefore, students seeking admission in b-schools will be exposed to new experiences to polish their skill sets accordingly. 

  • Changes in the admission process 

Amidst the global pandemic, admission criteria and the process has also been altered massively. To ease out the growing pressure on students, authorities have been introducing altered approaches while selecting candidates for different management programmes.

Another key advantage for students is that several institutions have been offering financial support to students having a tough time during the pandemic. Thus, this could help students in grabbing greater opportunities from a financial point of view as well. 

  • Upgraded learning programmes 

Several students had to make a tough decision and decline the opportunity for an oversea MBA programme due to the pandemic.

Therefore, many institutions and b-schools have upgraded their courses and programmes for offering a better learning experience to students with different backgrounds. Many institutions have collaborated with foreign universities, thus offering a unique experience altogether. 

  • Positive results from the industry 

The greatest pressure posed on MBA students was whether they would be able to grab career opportunities or not. However, so far, the response from corporates regarding placements and opportunities has been positive.

Companies have started to hire people from different MBA sectors with distinctive skill-set requirements. However, changes in the industrial requirements are significant from the point of view of placements. 

AICTE has ensured the students to not pressurise themselves for taking the entrance test for MBA or PGDM programmes amidst the pandemic. Not just the entrance test, the pressure of preparation, financial assistance, travelling to the exam centres, etc. also adds up.

The authority has ensured that the safety and well-being of the students is their top priority. Therefore, every decision will be taken, considering the present situation. Hence, the students and re-think and make a decision regarding their careers accordingly.

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