MICAT is a Computer Based Test (CBT) used for the selection of PGDM-C (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) 2019-2021 batches. These exams are conducted in 48 places across the country. If a candidate has appeared for more than one exam (CAT, XAT, and GMAT) the better of the two/best of the three exam performances will be considered.


Before discussing the tips to crack the MICAT exam let’s have a look at the common mistakes made by the candidates while preparing for their exams that may lower their scores. They are as follows:

  •    Not using shortcuts while solving questions:  Generally, techniques that are used in the books are lengthy and by using these methods one cannot solve maximum problems in the computer-based online exam within the specified time. In order to qualify in these exams, the candidates are advised to use shortcuts, quick and convenient methods for calculation.
  •    Poor attention to calculation speed: If the candidates have a slow calculation speed they might not be able to solve maximum questions in the given time.
  •    Lack of practice: lack of practice is the main reason for the candidates not able to reach the cut-off Score.  The calculation speed can only be increased by practising a greater number of mock tests.
  •    Poor time management: Many candidates do not learn about time management while preparing for their exams. And this becomes another reason for their failure.

Rectify the above mistakes and try to follow all the tips mentioned below to crack MICAT exam:

  •    Thoroughly study the latest MICAT syllabus and exam pattern: Before starting the preparation for an exam, it is essential to have a clear understanding of its exam pattern and syllabus. After that, the candidates should make a study plan and follow it properly.
  •    Thoroughly study the analysis of previous and ongoing MICAT and related exams: Candidates should thoroughly analyze the previous exams and learn about their difficulty level of the questions. Also, candidates must learn about the previous cutoff scores.
  •    Be prepared for any pattern: It is not necessary that all the patterns must be covered in the exam
  •    Do not spend more time on a single question: When the candidates stick to a question for a long time, they might miss another question to attend because of the shortage of time. In order to attend all the known questions in the exam, it is necessary to spend the specified time wisely.
  •    Be calm, composed and determined: It is easy to afford to clear the cutoffs by a good margin even if the candidate does not have a clue about even 10-12 questions in the paper.
  •    Reach on time: Try to reach the examination hall 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time, so that the candidates can attempt the exam without any nervousness.
  •    Do not forget to carry important documents: It is very important to ensure that the candidate carries their admit card, pen and photo ID proof as mentioned in instructions. If any document necessary for the exam is missing, the candidate will be prohibited to enter the examination hall.
  •    Identify your weakness and try to work on it: The candidates must make a list of their shortcomings and try to work on it as quickly as possible. By practising the questions regularly, the candidates can identify their weaknesses regularly.
  •    Try as many mock tests as possible: To prepare for the exams, one must attempt as many mock tests as possible daily.
  •    Focus on a new pattern: The candidates must prepare for their exams after having a thorough knowledge of the updated pattern.
  •    Weight: It is also necessary to prepare according to the ratio of marks allocated in each section.


  •    Do not leave a question unattempted in psychometric or descriptive: It is important to remember that even a single question unattempted in a psychometric or descriptive paper will lead to disqualification.
  •    In Descriptive, Argument writing will have to be written in the form of a paragraph, as well as the creation story needs to be written in a paragraph format.

Here are some topics for General knowledge to be prepared for the upcoming MICAT exam:

  •    LOGOs, taglines and Brand Ambassador for the companies.
  •    Major advertising campaigns.
  •    Marketing
  •    Basic general knowledge
  •    Founders, startups, products, etc
  •    Some cultural aspects, economy at a national level

There is no specific offline training for MICAT however; most of the coaching centres have special classes for MICAT preparation. Special preparation guidelines are available at:

These are a few simple tips to crack the upcoming MICAT exam. Besides the hard work, the candidates must take care of the above tips mentioned in order to increase the chance of their selection in the upcoming MICAT exam.

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