Keeping in mind our mission of societal responsibility, 34 students from our Institute visited the Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh under the guidance of an NGO ‘Shivganga’ as a part of the Rural Immersion Program 2018 for an 8-day visit.
The objective of this program was to acquaint young managers with the real rural India while developing sustainable solutions for challenges encountered during the interactions. The students were taken to a rural setting, wherein they interacted, learned and shared their thoughts with the village community and tried to implement their findings to make the problem solving realistic and practical.
Some of the aspects covered were Elementary education, Health and sanitation, Self-help groups, Water conservation and Forest conservation. The students worked under the able guidance of Dr Gaurav Joshi, who inspired the students by his expert knowledge of rural setup.
They visited several hospitals, houses, mother and child care centres, etc to see the ground reality concerning the implementation of government policies and conducted a survey to better understand the problem and come up with the solutions. They also met with the district magistrate Ashish Saxena along with Manish Kumar, Deputy president, Madhya Pradesh to talk about the root cause of problems and help eradicate it.

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