Know about Toppers Success Mantras to ace the CAT Exam

CAT 2019

Stressed about cracking the Common Admission Test? The process may seem complicated, but here are some tips from the best advisors, who have not only tried but also triumphed. We have listed the steps the toppers have followed to ace the CAT exam. Don’t stress, take it easy and let their sound advice soak in:

  • Self-Preparation is a prerequisite

Revise your concepts, improve the fundamentals and do not spend time a lot of time on grasping theory. The next step should be taking mock tests, to be attempted on alternate days in 3-hour stretches in the morning to check for errors and to correct them the same evening. Analyse your answers as per the four different sections, solve the unattempted questions and redo the ones you went wrong with. Keep practising this to improve your speed. Keep an eye on how long you take to solve a question and work on it accordingly to sharpen your preparation strategy.

  • Focus on your weaknesses

Utilize the rest of the alternate days focusing on your weak areas and concentrate on the sections that need more practice. Spend a uniform amount of time on each of the four sections according to the practice they require, in a systematic method. Remember, your weakness can be your strength. Keep working and tying loose ends, and the result will surely be a fruitful one.

  • Hone your time management skills

Time plays an essential role in preparation for competitive exams such as this one. Time management can be the key to success. First, answer the more straightforward questions, do not waste time on the ones that don’t click instantly. Return to the unattempted questions and go through them one more time. Keep your nerve strong and don’t panic. You will be able to finish the exam on time.

  • Mocks are the way to go

Mock tests are the most crucial part of the CAT exam preparation. Exposure to various types of mock tests is an essential part of the preparation. Attempt as many of these as possible. As research says, one’s preparation strategy should be like this: appear for mock tests, analyse the question paper, know your scores and percentage, identify your errors and weak areas, and work on them accordingly for a better outcome in the next attempt.

  • Read, read, and read

Read online newspapers daily to stay updated about current affairs. This will boost your general knowledge and awareness about the things going on all over the world. Reading online newspapers and daily publications will assist you in shaping your ideas and having a better take on current affairs. Improvement in vocabulary and sentence formation is a huge bonus that you will gain in this process.

Last Minute Tips for CAT 2019

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These are the very few simple but essential tips that help toppers become toppers. Practise them, customize the planning according to your convenience and who knows; CAT 2019 results may have your name on the top? So, let’s get going!

Best of luck!