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We all know that CAT (Common Aptitude Test) is one of the most challenging competitive exams held in India. The most awaited date for CAT aspirants that is November 24, 2019, is not too far. While you must have done your best at preparing for CAT, a little more help never hurt anybody.

Here are a few suggestions and last-minute exam tips that you must remember and follow diligently before entering the examination hall.

Rounak Majumdar, who scored 100 percentile and cracked CAT examination in 2018, shares his journey, which he paved through while preparing for the CAT test. According to him, one should attempt as many mock tests as possible. Analysing the tests and rectifying the errors are more important than just taking the tests.

He took around 35 tests. Apart from this, he also studied for three hours every single day. Self-study, as he suggests, is a must for those who are willing to crack the entrance test.

Another dedicated aspirant is Swapnil Suman who was disappointed with his 2017 CAT result but did not give up until he finally came out with flying colours in 2018. He shares his exam tips with us. He learnt from his minute errors which he had made in his 2017 exam and put more effort into his preparation than the last time, the result of which is evident from his 2018 result.

His determination to achieve his goal sets an example for those who will be appearing in 2019 CAT exam. According to him, the most challenging section of the exam is the one which consists of puzzles. The only key to solve those is repetitive practice. Like Rounak Majumdar, Swapnil Suman too emphasizes on taking the mock tests.

CAT 2019 Percentile

Chhavi Gupta, undoubtedly, deserves appraisal for her dedication towards cracking the CAT exam. She barely had time to study rigorously as she had a full-time job. However, she managed to study with whatever little time she had. During weekends when everyone enjoys hanging out with their friends and family, Chhavi Gupta utilized every minute of it by working hard towards her goal.

She used to wake up late in the night and prepare for her exam. Her hard work paid off in 2018 when she cracked the CAT test.

Madhur Gupta, who cracked his CAT exam in 2017, started studying for his test four months before the exam. He suggests that attempting a variety of questions is essential and not just taking mock tests at random. He solved a wide range of questions himself. Also, it is only after the completion of the course that one should take up mock tests and not before.

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CAT aspirants should have proper knowledge about the course before attempting the test.

To attempt mock tests after completing the course is very important. Hard work has no limits. One must go beyond his/her comfort zone in order to achieve the goal. There are a few other essential tips that one must follow before the exam:

  • You must have a clear, proper and thorough understanding of the course.
  • Revise regularly.
  • It is completely normal to be nervous and tensed the night before the day of the test. But you should not panic, instead, stay calm.
  • You need a proper seven to eight hours of sleep to let your brain function properly. A relaxed mind will function better and effectively.
  • Do not start with anything new. Keep revising the lessons you have already learnt so far.
  • Keep on revising the tricks and formulas which are required to solve the puzzles.
  • As you are all aware that CAT 2019 will be conducted in two sessions, the first will be from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and the second will be from 14.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs, you must reach the centre one hour before your examination time. Once the gates close, you will not be allowed to enter the centre. Ensure that you manage your time in the right order.
  • Do not forget to carry your identity card and admit card along with you.
  • Maintain discipline and do not attempt any unfair means.
  • Meditate for two minutes before appearing for the exam.
  • Be alert and stay confident.

If you follow these guidelines, you will definitely be able to crack the CAT exam. Have faith in yourself and the effort that you have put in during the preparation. Remember that impossible could be made possible only through your rigorous hard work. Stay optimistic! Good luck!

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