Junior college status for Kota’s coaching classes: an implausible dream

129 coaching institutes that dot the city of Kota have been demanding that the
Government of Rajasthan recognise them as ‘junior colleges’. This however seems
to be stuck in a limbo, as the government doesn’t have a mechanism/policy in
place to provide such recognition.

institutes have put forth their demand to the Government of Rajasthan to be
recognised as junior colleges. However, the State Education Department doesn’t
have any policy even to recognise schools which teach the 11th and
12th standards as junior colleges. It is highly unlikely that our
demand will be met with.” says Pramod Maheshwari, Managing Director and CEO of
Career Point.

system of coaching classes being recognised as junior colleges already exists
in quite a few states like Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. The
recognition of these coaching classes as junior colleges may be of immense
benefit to students and institutes both. For students, it will reduce the
burden of having to attend classes and school/junior colleges together, hence
easing out the hectic schedule that they have to follow daily. Coaching institutes
can tie up with the hostel facilities and get them regulated ensuring safe and
affordable accommodation. This can bring in some semblance of order in the highly
unorganised local market of hostel facilities and rented accommodations. Also
the financial burden caused by paying for both school and coaching will be

is not an impossible task for the Rajasthan Govt. to recognise the coaching
classes as junior colleges. While it has already been carried out in other
states, this policy can only be implemented better in a state with a coaching hub
like Kota. “The only reason why they may not be agreeing to this demand is
probably because the govt. would want to emphasize on school education as well,
instead of just coaching for competitive entrance exams. If they agree to this
move, it will be a win-win situation for both coaching classes and students.”
says Ambarish Kumar Tiwari, Head IT at Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd.

move to recognise the coaching classes as junior classes and combine the school
and private coaching as one has been successful in other states. It remains to
see how and if at all the Government of Rajasthan will take the initiative to
bring in the required changes. They are the toughest changes but with due
consideration to the benefit of students it may be worth the effort.