One of India’s prime educational institutes Jawaharlal Nehru University once again marks its place in the news headlines this time because of the unique idea to conduct the end semester examinations.

Taking into consideration the present scenario at the university, the administration at the Jawaharlal Nehru University has decided to conduct semester exams virtually. They have decided to conduct the examinations via email and WhatsApp.

This decision has been getting mixed views from people all across the country. While some are addressing this as an ‘absurd move’ some are referring to it as ‘evolution of examination pattern.’

Considering the massive protests going on in the JNU Campus, The Dean of the School of International Students (SIS) Aswini K Mohapatra conveyed this information through a letter to the Centre chairpersons stating that this step has been taken considering the present situation of the campus and is in the best interest of the students, keeping their safety and academic curriculum in mind.

  • Current situation at the University Campus

The students at the university are protesting against the price hikes in the hostel and course fees. About a month ago the JNU management decided to increase the fees for the hostel facility, mess facility, library facility and other facilities available for the students in the University.

The management also decided to increase the tuition fees and examination fees. Due to this sudden rise in fees in the middle of the session, the students started protesting against the decision. With the involvement of political parties, this became a bigger issue.

  • How will the exams be conducted?

In that letter, the dean explained that the faculties and course directors of MA and M.Phil. program will send out the copies of question papers to the students via WhatsApp or email.

The students have been then asked to submit their answers scripts to their subject’s teachers through the same medium within three days after the receiving of the question paper.

They can also submit images of their answer sheet via WhatsApp or email or can also personally hand over it to the teacher. Students are given three days to complete the paper.

Students failing to submit their answer scripts by December 21, 2019, can be given an additional day for submission.

  • Mode of evaluation

The answer sheets submitted by the students will be evaluated by their respective course teachers. The teachers are also advised to consider the performances of students in internal and sessional examinations while evaluating the answer scripts. This is done to ensure some fairness and anonymity in the examination.

The decision of conducting examination by virtual means is a brave decision and can be a good idea for the future. Although for this time due to lack of planning, this decision has been facing more criticism than gaining appreciation.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) –

Question: Will the pattern of the paper change?

Answer:  No. only the mode of examination is changed. The pattern is the same.

Question: Who will decide the schedule for the examination?

Answer:  The schedule will be decided by the authorities and students will be informed accordingly.

Question: Who will evaluate the papers?

Answer: Respective subject teachers will do the evaluation.

Question: How much time will be given for solving the paper?

Answer:  Students will be given three days for this. The students failing to make the submission in these three days will be given an extra day as well.

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