The UP Board, also known as the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP), has come out with a notification in which they have proposed that there will be compartmental examinations for the students of Class 12.

The Additional Secretary Shiv Lal said that the proposal is under consideration and, therefore, it will be implemented for the upcoming class 12 board examinations. This will, however, give the students a second chance to improve in the examination.

The UP Board is engaged in conducting the compartment exams for the Class 10 board, and they will continue this improvement exam for giving a chance to the students to do well in their improvement exams.

However, the compartmental examination scheduled for the Class 12 students are expected to create an impact amongst the 25.86 lakh students.

These students have registered to appear for the Class 12 exam of the UP Board 2020. This exam is also conducted so that the Board can bring down the ratio of the absentees from the UP Board exams.

It has been seen that in the year 2019 there were a total number of 5,89,622 candidates who had registered for Class 10 and 12 examinations, out of which the number of students who skipped the boards was 6,69,860. This data was confirmed as per the official data of the Board.

Even in the year 2018, there were around 11 candidates who were not present during the intermediate examination. Therefore, in order to lessen the number of absentees, the UP Board has come out with this proposal of conducting compartmental examinations.

Also, the UP Board is also planning to launch webcasting or live monitoring of the examination centres in order to make sure that there are no cheating or unfair practices in the examination centres.

The Additional Secretary also informed that each district would have a resource centre which will make it possible for the officials to monitor the exam centre and raise an alert if they detect any suspicious or unfair acts.

Furthermore, the Board is also deciding to set up a state-level monitoring centre but it has not been finalized yet. However, the Board has already started using security equipment like CCTV cameras, voice recorders and other special equipment in order to control cheating in the state Board examinations

All these security measures were started after the Board increased the re-evaluation fee for the exams. Earlier the students had to pay Rs 100 but now the students have to pay Rs 500 which makes it the costliest re-evaluation procedure in the country

According to the latest information, this year there are a total number of 56.11,689 students who have applied for the UP board exams.

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