Is the Mumbai campus of Welingkar Institute better than the Bangalore campus?

Welingkar Institute of Management Research and Development has a very reputed name when it comes to higher education, especially for people whose aim is to acquire a postgraduate diploma in management and venture out into the business and corporate world.

Hence, they are always on the lookout for the best colleges and institutions which can give them the best and provide for a quality education and also inculcate in them an all round development apart from their academics.

Welingkar institutes have two campuses, one situated in Mumbai and the other one is in Bangalore.

Welingkar Mumbai:

Situated in Gymkhana road on Matunga, Welingkar Mumbai generously boasts about bridging the gap between the industry required to fill in the academics, and the theoretical knowledge which most institutions fail to do so.

One of the institutions which is also a torchbearer for the progressive higher education in the contemporary world, this institution helps shape individuals into business giants of the future keeping the very socio-economic framework that we reside in.

Apart from the goodwill, this institution also provides for eight PGDM courses spread over two years, provisions for an executive MBA as well as PhDs. Counting the hybrid course and the part time courses, the college has around 12 courses to offer.

Welingkar Bangalore: 

This institution is located right at the heart of the InfoTech city in the state of Karnataka and is a sister concern of the Welingkar Institution in Mumbai. Apart from providing an impeccable and state of the art faculty and campus, this institution also has numerous courses to offer, like the campus in Mumbai.

This institution also provides pioneering education for innovation and design oriented thinking skills to their students. The institution puts a lot of stress on sustainability and eco friendliness and hence, the entire campus as well as the prototype laboratory is as green as possible.

The courses are flexible for accommodating everybody, starting right from graduates who want to complete their higher studies to working professionals who intend to give an edge to their managerial efficiency.

With a state of the art campus and an efficient yet caring bunch of faculty members, Welingkar Bangalore provides and facilitates the correct environment which favours the teaching-learning process.

There are as many as four postgraduate diploma in management courses, alongside two flagship courses- the e-business course and the innovation and business design course.

Which campus is better? 

Before suggesting anything, we would like you to be sure about whatever course you want to study in, and in whichever campus it is available, we would suggest you to go for it since the programme would be more valuable then rather than the general comparison.

If you are looking for a critical and an analytical point of view, then the campus situated in Mumbai would be a better option and should be kept in your first choice since it has about twelve courses offered, also, Mumbai has got a great scope and an even greater exposure to industries which require people with managerial efficiency on a daily basis.

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