A candidate named Ankit who appeared for the 2017 SSC CGL examination has opened up his disappointment by saying that he and his mates are still waiting for the Jobs even after the two years of their examination. What feels more disappointing is the fact he left Job at Wipro to make his preparation to the best for this examination “he says in his speech to the media. This situation has put the career of many candidates into an uncertain position, which is actually a scare to rising unemployment level in the country.

After a long battle mentally, candidates can now breathe a little bit easier as the court has asked the SSC officials to declare the results of controversial 2017 edition of the examination.

It is not just over yet; just when the candidates thought the issues had been solved, there come the officials who have decided to withhold several vacancies which will make the process really difficult to the candidates. Candidates claim that there must be some foul play behind this decision which might pause the future of the many of candidates who appeared for the examination.

When contacted officials from the commission, they had several reasons to point out behind this decision as they were not updated correctly on the vacancy list, which causes a dire delay on the process of recruiting candidates. Candidates now hope that situation gets better as soon as possible.

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