MBA is one of the most popular courses in India. They are seen as a means of almost ensuring better jobs. Executive MBA courses are a bit different. They are meant for working professionals who want to up their professional expertise and get an edge over their competitors in the industry so that they can climb up the corporate ladder.

The salient feature of an executive MBA (also known as an E-MBA) is that allows the student to continue working while they pursue their degree, which makes them different from a full time general MBA course.

Moreover, many a times, these executive courses are faster than normal MBA courses too, and hence may run for a lesser duration of time than the usual 2 years which a full MBA program takes.

An Executive MBA can give you a serious chance of getting a promotion, especially if you have a career in accounting, finance, or marketing. Though it is known that an Executive MBA course from a good university will hep you in bettering your skills, ethics, and understanding of the corporate world, it does not always announce the arrival of new openings for you.

It does enhance your resume but it is often very costly and nowadays most employers do not pay completely for the course.

If you are unhappy with your career and want to change it, an Executive MBA program may not be the right choice and you might as well undertake a regular MBA course. Executive MBA programs are good for people who want to move forward in the career they are in.

If you have loads of experience by your side and want to take full advantage of it, you should go for an executive MBA program. However, we recommend you to do a lot of homework before going for any program and we also advice you to have a talk with your senior about the benefits of the degree and will it actually propel you to a more senior position in the company.

From which university?

Executive MBA programs are gaining traction among Indian Professionals because of their availability online. Moreover, these courses are slightly less rigorous to get into than most general MBA programs. Some of the best universities for pursuing an executive MBA are:

  1. ISB Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad was the first business school to bring the idea of an executive MBA to India. One should have a bachelor’s degree from a university recognized by the institute and should have an experience of at least 10 years in a full time job while applying. The cost of the course is about INR 34 lakhs.

  1. IIM Ahmedabad

One of the best business schools in the country, it also offers an executive MBA program for people who have a bachelor’s degree from a university recognized by the institute and have a minimum age of 27 when the curse starts. The cost of the course is about INR 24 lakhs.

Other prominent universities for pursuing an executive MBA degree in India are IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, FMS Delhi, and XLRI Jamshedpur.

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