Is it beneficial to do an MBA without CAT?

To do an MBA without CAT is a complex topic to discuss on, especially when there are multiple parameters involved. The CAT can be ignored or made a second option if the individual is willing to take part in other standardized tests like GMAT or XAT, but pursuing the degree without appearing in any of the standard tests would make an individual’s future unsecured.

CAT is the exam that helps individuals get an entry into the top universities, and its those universities that help the potential candidates get placed in good organizations with high salaries. Ignoring CAT may otherwise lead the candidates to get admission into tier 3 colleges, reducing the chances of getting placement in good companies. This article would discuss such points and would try to help you understand why an MBA without CAT may not be a good idea.

A brief about CAT

CAT, or Common Admission Test, is a test conducted nationwide to help students get admission into Management colleges. The exam comprises mainly of aptitude, English grammar and GK. While the standard of the exam is quite difficult, lakhs of potential candidates appear for the examination each year to secure an entry into the top tier management colleges (eg-IIMs). However, besides CAT, there are other exams like XAT, GMAT which also help students get admission into good management colleges.

Reasons why CAT without an MBA may not be a good idea

CAT is the first parameter that checks a student’s abilities. If a candidate secures good marks in CAT, it generally means he has the potential to be a management student. Bypassing the exam, however, may not help candidates realize their potential.

While ignoring CAT and appearing for other nationalized exams could not harm, ignoring all the standard tests would prevent the candidates from getting admission into top management colleges. Listed below are some of the reasons as to why pursuing management from colleges other than the tier 1/ tier 2 ones could be a bad idea:

  • Less to nil placement: Most of the tier 3 colleges don’t provide placements to the students. So, investing a huge chunk of money only to stay unplaced at the end of graduation is certainly a bad idea.
  • Inexperienced faculty: Tier 3 colleges, if not all, but most hire inexperienced faculty to provide education to the students. This just defeats the purpose of quality education.
  • Lack of live training/ internships: Top management colleges believe in practical training, which the tier 3 colleges often avoid. If the colleges fail to provide live training or make way for their students to gain internships, this would prevent the students from growing and developing the skills essential for a management graduate.


It is not a good idea to pursue an MBA without CAT or any other standardized tests. However, if you believe in yourself and you are sure that CAT would do no good to you or your future, you can take admission in any college without a CAT score.

MBA without CAT may make your career progress difficult, but in no way would it debar you from developing the right skills if you are a highly determined candidate.

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