Which are the Best University in India for Social Work?

Social work is often an uncommon term when it comes to studies. Youths hardly choose the social working stream to study and pursue their careers in. However, many candidates are unaware of the fact that social work could be rewarding.

Social work could not only help one feel complete and satisfied but would also induce a feeling of good mental health. Now that you know there are reasons to pursue a career in this domain, let’s look at the top Indian universities providing education programs in social work.

What is social work?

Before taking a look at the top Indian universities, you must know what social work is and what the domain comprises of. Social work is nothing bust values based on compassion, ethics, moral values, personal integrity, human welfare, etc.

A degree course in social work can help individuals develop a strong sense of human welfare which in turn would help them develop their potential. The domain mainly comprises of anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, human resource, philosophy, economics, etc. Once a graduate, the individual would identify himself/ herself as a social worker.

Top five universities

Listed below are the top universities offering social working courses:

  • Tata Institute of social sciences (TISS), Mumbai: Affiliated to University of Pune, TISS has long been known as one of the prominent universities in India. The university takes pride in teaching candidates about social work, human ethics, human values, co-operation amongst people, etc.
  • Delhi School of Social Work (DSSW), Delhi: DSSW, which is now a part of Delhi University and acts as a division for social work, teaches students about diversity, social justice, human welfares, etc. The university has long been known for providing a convenient way of teaching and helping candidates evolve into better human beings.
  • Madras School of Social Work, Chennai: The NAAC accredited university is affiliated to the University of Madras and specializes in imparting education on social work and community welfare. The university is a part of International Associations of Schools of Social work and is known as a top university in the south Asia pacific region.
  • College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai: This university of Mumbai affiliated college specializes in educating students about social justice and social law and orders while helping them develop a strong value of compassion, moderation, personal integrity, etc.
  • Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia is one of the prominent and prestigious universities in India since the old days. The department of social work of the university offers education in political science, social welfare, economics, and social work. Also, to help students train better, the department of social work often conducts workshops and seminars.


While social work is not one of the mainstream or popular courses, it could help you out to develop your potential and become a better person.

So, if you are the one who wants to pursue a career in the domain and do some good for people, the above-mentioned universities could be your ultimate destination.