The whole world is under the grip of a pandemic, COVID-19. It has affected each and every one of us. A pandemic has come, and it will go away eventually. Amid all these, the country and its economy cannot be compromised.

It is the very time around which many companies employee interns for their respective firms. COVID-19 has forced people to change a lot. From the recruitment process to the job training all have been struck by this pandemic.

There have been significant changes in the job market. There is a requirement to maintain social distance along with other preventive measures. 

Social gathering is a must not at these times. Many think the job market will go down, and a lot of changes will be introduced. This is exactly the time around which interns are taken up by different companies.

At Adobe, a technology giant has also re-tailored its recruitment process. These redesigning has been specially brought up in concern of—the pandemic.

A lot of changes are taken up and will be implemented in the coming months. Here are some of the changes brought at Abode and discussed by Abdul Jaleel, Vice President Employee Experience :

  1. What is the importance of the internship process for getting recruited under Adobe? What per cent of internship offers turn into a permanent job position?

Interns are taken as future leaders at Adobe. Interns at Adobe have constantly played a significant role in developing future digital experiences.

They are trained to work creating new technologies and creating a new experience which will eventually contribute towards taking the brand name forward. They work towards attaining leadership roles and major positions. This way, they learn and then stick with us through their career. 

This clears the question of how many people gets their internship turned into a permanent job. At Adobe, we create future leaders who work together towards the development of the brand. The fine training and mentorship get the best out of them to create leaders of the future. 

  1. What are the changes you bring about this year in the internship programme and processes?

We understand that the software business is all about people and so we aim to put the health and well-being of our people first. Concerning the pandemic, this time, we have digitalised all the internship process and programs. We have onboarded 700 from across the globe in engineering, research, corporate, function, and sale. 

Like every year, we give our interns the opportunity to get exposure to a range of technology, and experience working along with some of the industry’s top mentors and innovators. We will make sure they get complete exposure to innovative technology and professional skills. 

To make the process going on smoothly, we have retailored our programs but made sure they do not miss out a single opportunity and get the full advantage of the learning opportunities to support their transition from school to a better career in technology.

  1. Is the internship program same across the globe, or do you tailor it specific to regions?

At Adobe, we prioritise learning and career development. The mentor and the supervisor will make sure the interns get full exposure to a different field and work at Adobe. However, we aim to prioritise that interns learn according to their assigned sectors and sphere.

Talking about the internship program, it is usually the same across the globe apart from a few tailored programs according to areas and interns specific. This small bit of retailoring is done to benefit the interns.

We believe that the interns be better given training with respect to their field and their respective areas. The main point is to deliver the training programme seamlessly that results to benefit both the interns as well as the brand. 

  1. Do you think the digital model of the internship program and training will be the same as before? Will it be able to deliver the same organisational culture?

At Adobe, we prioritise our work value and insulating a robust sense of belonging. We have formed three pillars around which we have fastened our internship programs. These three pillars are- people, purpose, and pride.

Even though its digitalised this time, but we have tailored our programs in a way that the internal get the full ledge exposure of life and work at Adobe. The internal will get the opportunity to interact with our executive leadership, learn to work together with big clients and network with employees.

They will be assigned under the supervision of well-experienced monitors who will help them walk through the technical and working at Adobe. This will help them be a part of interactive digital training and mentor session. They will get full opportunity to work with the best of Adobe technology trimming across the three cloud trade. 

This is the scenario of internship at Adobe. This pandemic has definitely affected every sector. The job market is feared to go into recession. But many companies are fighting hard to keep themselves on track and retain the brand prestige.

This is reflected by the number of interns taken up. This year Adobe projects to give 700 interns from across the globe. These interns are meant to work in different field of research, development, software, sale and others.

They are trained in digitalised internship programs. These programs are tailored to make to provide them with seamless training concerning the pandemic situation. 

These all reflect that the present might be a little bit doomed due to COVID-19, but these firms give hope that the future is promising. This is a tough time for everyone, but the fact is everyone is together in this.

The future of new graduates will definitely shine. They just need to focus on their learning and have faith in their capabilities. Adobe internship program shows that many other firms also will pick up this way if the digitalised platform to continue with the new recruitment processes and pieces of training

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Source: The Hindustan Business Line.

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