India is condemned to be free

Today morning, I woke up with my inbox filled with ‘Happy republic day’ messages. Most text inferred that people are feeling proud and I couldn’t help myself but muse about what are the problems India face today. I started penning down the problems and this is the list I came up with. Corruption, population growth, poverty, gender bias, high inflation rate, illiteracy, unemployment, child labor, terrorism, apathy towards cleanliness, domestic violence, women safety, crime, slow legal system and people’s perfunctory attitude towards Indian culture. This is just what I could come up with, there must be many more.

From this, one can easily infer that India is sailing in an ocean full of problems. I started thinking about every problem, why it exist? what can be done to eradicate it? etc. I was beset by such questions that only exasperated me. Every Indian is cognizant about the problems I listed out but less people care now. Like the billion other Indians, I tear apart the list labeling it something abstruse that’s above my level, above any common Indian’s level. I made an availing endeavor to forget all but one problem; India loosing its culture. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The archaic India was called the golden sparrow, what happened then? How we ended up like this? The reason of course was unfathomable for me but not for a spiritual leader whom I’ve encountered two years back. I had a similar question back then to which I had received a genial reply.

India lost its esteem due to its thousand years of dependency. In that, the worst period was not the eight-hundred years of Muslim rule but the two-hundred years of British rule. In 16th century, Britishers came to India with an intention of converting it into a christian nation. They tried for three-hundred years but to no avail. They had religiously converted nations before but their chicanery gave them no fruitful results in India. Taking charge of the task, Lord Macaulay came to India in 1830. His foremost task was to find the reason of their failure. Lord Macaulay traveled in India for 4 years and finally uttered this words in the British Parliament in 1834 “I’ve traveled across the lengths and breadths of India. I haven’t seen a single beggar or a thief. This country is so wealthy and wise that we will never succeed in our goals unless we break the very backbone of its, which is its spiritual and cultural heritage. So I request British Parliament to change the education system of India”. Read FULL STORY at