When you have everything, what can you possibly desire?

In an archaic time, there lived a kid. He was enriched with philosophy. He never thought practically. His story starts from the time he was a novice. He had a firm belief that you always get good if your deeds are so. His life was an unhappy one though. His father considered him his property. His mother was obsequious to his father. He had no space. All he had to do was what his father demands. But being a good kid, he never complained. He believed that somewhere in the horizon, something good is waiting for him. He was right. Something good finally happened to him-love.

He fell in love with a beautiful girl. He admired her. He cherished her. He worshipped her. He made himself better just to become what she seek. He tried to impress her. And then one fine day, she finally told him that she likes him and that she had never seen a person as good, as mannerful, as decent, as simple, as honest, as loyal, as loving, as caring and as trustworthy as him. The kid’s belief in do good and you get good became stronger. There love motivated him. He started working hard only to make there life better. But he didn’t knew that something arcane is on its way.

One day suddenly, the girl came and said that she loves someone else. He felt like the floor was being pulled beneath him. He was falling. All he could see was darkness. He called himself a looser, a nobody. He had failed. But somehow he still managed himself. His philosophy helped him to get out of it partially.

The philosopher kid consoled himself thinking that this horrible, painful and unfair phase of his life is to elicit the best of him. He consoled himself thinking that by overcoming this obstacles, he would realise his true potential. He had consoled himself but he still didn’t forgive the girl for what she had done. Love is a great motivater, but bitterness is not a less motivater.

He started appreciating every moment. He let himself break free and set his goals high. He had failed in love but he won’t fail in life is what he would promise himself every single day. For years, he worked arduous. And one fine day, he reached the apex.

He was happy like never before.Enjoying at the apex, he decided to look back at his life. His happiness eloped at the very thought of her. Tears rolled down his cheek, when he finally realised that no amount of success can substitute TRUE LOVE. He was alone. He cried.

When you have everything, what can you possibly desire?THE ONE YOU LOVED THE MOST.