Important updates regarding SNAP Syllabus: What all you need to study

The SNAP entrance examination is conducted every year for the selection of eminent candidates for MBA/PGDM programmes offered by several institutions associated with the Symbiosis International University (SIU).

The online computer-based test is conducted for hundreds of aspirants from different corners of the country. The candidates planning to give the SNAP test must be aware of the syllabus, exam pattern and other necessary details.

The SNAP exam comprises of 115 questions based on 4 distinct sections, namely, English Grammar and reading comprehension section, Analytical and Logical reasoning section, Quantitative aptitude and Data Interpretation section and current affairs.

The time duration for the test is of 2 hours. The marking scheme for questions is based on the sectional division and the number of questions in each section. Out of 115 questions, 110 questions are of objective type, whereas 5 questions are of a non-objective type.

To summarise the details regarding the test pattern and composition of questions per section are given below.

Section Section Topic  Objective questions (MCQs) Non-objective questions (non-MCQs)
English Grammar and reading comprehension  30 0
Quantitative Aptitude and Data interpretation  30 5
Analytical and Logical Reasoning  30 0
Current Affairs  20 0
Total Questions 115  110 5
Total Time duration 120 minutes (2 hours)

SNAP 2020 Syllabus 

While preparing for the SNAP 2020 test, knowledge of vast topics and subjects is necessary. To score good scores and high ranks, the candidates must learn and prepare every topic in the syllabus list.

This would ensure that strategical preparation for the final exam. Since the exam paper comprises of four distinct sections, therefore, the candidates must prepare as per the test format and pattern. The syllabus topics for each section are mentioned herewith. 

Section  Section Name  Topics/Subjects 
English Grammar and reading comprehension Reading Comprehensions


Sentence arrangement 

Sentence correction 

Sentence completion 

Antonyms and Synonyms 

Manias and Phobias 

Figure of speech 

One-word substitution 

Jumble sentences 

Word meanings

Odd one out 


Contextual usage 

Fill in the blanks 

Active voice and passive voice 

2 Quantitative Aptitude and Data interpretation Complex numbers 


Ratio and proportion 

Time and work 




Profit and loss 


Number system 


LCM and HCF 

Complex numbers 

Speed and time 


Arithmetic mean





Sets and functions 

Permutation and combination 




Surds and indices 



Bar graphs 

Co-ordinate geometry 

Binomial theorem 

Graphs pie charts

Linear equation and quadratic equation


3 Analytical and Logical Reasoning  Relation-based questions 

Assertion and reasons 



Types of arguments 

Cause and effect 

Inference and judgement 

Critical thinking and reasoning 

Statement based on true and false 

Family tree- blood relations 

Seating arrangement 

Clocks and calendars 

Direction sense 


Visual reasoning 

Coding and decoding 


Analogy and series 

Mathematical reasoning 

Verbal and miscellaneous 

4 Current Affairs General knowledge 

National news 

International news 

Science and technology 


Corporate affairs 


The above-mentioned question must be prepared thoroughly before the exam date. However, the QA & DI and analytical reasoning sections are considered to be the toughest. The candidates opt for several mock test series and practise paper before the final examination.

For current affair section, the candidates must keep a check on the latest news, updates in the world of science, technology, economy, corporate and others. Moreover, reading newspaper headlines could be a great option too.

However, the QA & DI sections hold maximum weightage. 30 objective-type question and 5 special non-objective type questions are asked in the SNAP 2020 paper. Therefore, the aspirants must prepare themselves for some of the trickiest questions of all times.

The aspirants must also polish their time management skills by practices several mock tests and practise paper before the final exam date.

Being updated with the test format and syllabus will assist the candidates in developing strategies for scoring high marks. Hence, the aspirants must prepare themselves accordingly and should not miss any of the topics mentioned in the syllabus.  

About SNAP 2020 

As per the latest update released by the authorities, SNAP 2020 is planned to be conducted in the second week of December 2020. It is one of the most well-known MBA entrance tests conducted for hundreds of young professionals.

The online computer-based test is designed to test the critical. Logical and technical thinking abilities of future leaders. The scores achieved in the entrance test are accepted by several recognised b-schools of the country.

The authorities have also made certain changes in the test format and pattern. Therefore, the aspirants must be well-aware of every detail before applying for the test. 

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