Importance of Solving CBSE Sample Papers 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level education board that looks into the curriculum and education of a large number of schools affiliated to it. One of the exams most popularly conducted by CBSE is the board examinations for classes 10 and 12 which are extremely important for every student’s future.

CBSE students and schools are currently gearing up for the board exams to be conducted in 2020. With the exams coming up soon, students should make judicious use of this time for diligent and thorough preparations. For their preparations, one thing that candidates must definitely consider is the use of sample question papers.

With the aim of guiding the students and helping them in the preparation process, CBSE released sample question papers for all the exams conducted by it. This will be highly beneficial for the students and help them get a clearer understanding of the question paper.

Class 10 students should especially refer to the sample papers because it is generally their first time appearing for a nation-wide examination. By using the sample papers, they will be able to prepare themselves in a better way for such an important examination.

Here are a few reasons why class 10 students should refer to the sample papers for CBSE 2020 Examination –

  1. It gives clarity to the students when it comes to the format of the question paper.
  2. With the use of sample papers and understanding the pattern of the paper, students will be enabled to design, for themselves, an effective preparation plan.
  3. The breaking of the marks helps the students to know what are the necessary things that they must incorporate in their answer so as to score maximum marks.
  4. Sample papers can be used to understand how much time should be dedicated to a particular type of question.
  5. Students can also use the sample papers for giving mock tests, which will give them a similar experience that they will have during the exam, making them fully prepared for the exam.

The sample papers this year are extremely important for class 10 students as CBSE had also announced several changes in the examination pattern. One of the major changes in the examination pattern is the introduction of more objective type questions. Objective questions have been increased by the CBSE with the view that it will allow students to do a more in-depth study while making the paper more scoring and less time-consuming.

Students are advised to follow the above suggestions to score high marks in their CBSE 2020 Class 10 examination.

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